25. Selfish Wishes

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"Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be

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"Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be."


The Bloom family was the closest thing to odd and humble, which equaled, oddly humble. Kyle kept telling the most adorable, yet embarrassing stories of Cayden. Amelia kept shoving more scrambled eggs and EverGreen's famous homemade pancakes with blueberry syrup onto my plate even though I kept insisting that I was full. Faith had manipulated her parents to eat a bowl of ice cream for breakfast. Cayden sat frozen like a rock across from me with the most embarrassing expression on his face, his cheeks flushed red.

It was like it didn't matter to this family that I used to be the mean and bitchy queen bee at EverGreen High who jumped off the school building four months ago. They didn't mind having a somewhat depressed teenager and her stepfather's ex-slut who was still recovering from her suicide attempt, sitting by their breakfast table. Not a single family in this small town would've done that. I didn't blame them. I guess they were scared I would be a horrible influence on their children.

Now I knew why Cayden chose to eat lunch with me in the empty classroom instead of in the cafeteria the first day I returned to school after waking up from my coma. He got it from his parents. To not define or judge people for who they were on the outside, but for what their hearts were made of. I didn't quite know what my heart was made of, but the Bloom family's was made of lots of goodness.

That day when he chose to eat lunch with me in the classroom, he wasn't scared, freaked out or disgusted like Nathan or the rest of the school. He was understanding and compassionate. Just like his parents.

"So how are Mason and Mia doing?"Amelia asked, taking a sip of her orange juice.

"They're doing great. We're all excited for the baby arriving in a month." I replied before taking a bite of my third pancake.

Amelia was going to make me feel pregnant if she put more food on my plate.

"Yeah. That is pretty exciting. Are you excited to become a sister?"

"I am, but still not sure if I'd be a good one. I've never had a sibling nor do I think I'm good with babies," I chuckled, nervously.

Amelia's face brightened. "Well, according to Cayden, you are a great friend, so I'm sure you'll be a great sister."

"Cayden has told us so many nice things about you. Faith has squeezed most of them out of him," Kyle confessed, smiling.

"I like Oreos too, but chocolate is better!" Faith offered me a spoon full of chocolate ice cream, her eyes sparkling of all the sugar she had consumed by now.

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