2. Golden Stars

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"It hurts, but it's okay

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"It hurts, but it's okay. I'm used to it."


Have you ever wondered how it feels like to die?

Crap. It feels like crap.

For the past several hours, I tried to open my tired eyes only for the bright light to startle me every time like rays of strong light beaming into them. Which apparently meant I hadn't opened my eyes for quite a long time. Because of my blurry vision, it took me a few minutes to realize that I was in a hospital room. The voices around me were like a chaos in my mind. Twitching my fingers felt weird. Looking around to take in my surroundings felt weird. Everything felt so weird and...confusing.

I didn't talk for hours, only the nurses and doctors did. Sometimes to me, but mostly to each other as they moved around the room. Additionally, my mind spent a while processing the information I had gotten from a nurse about the fact that I had woken up from a three months long coma. Now, I was currently lying in my bed after the doctors left the room to get my parents.


I had been in a coma for three months.


I couldn't really remember. When I tried to, it was just a blurry sight that appeared in my mind.

"Maya." A familiar voice I hadn't heard in two years reached my ears and I swear I felt my heart triple in speed in my chest. I slowly turned my head to have a proper look at the man who approached me.

He was tall but leaner than I remembered. His short brown hair was slightly messy like it always used to be when he was super stressed and had a habit of tangling his fingers through it. He was dressed in black jeans and a creamy white sweater I gifted him on Christmas two years ago. His sapphire blue eyes met mine as an immensely relieved smile appeared on his face and his tensed posture relaxed.

"D-Dad?" My voice was dry, unused, weak, exhausted and unfamiliar.

"Maya, my golden star," he whispered as his expression softened to an extent that tears brimmed up in his eyes. He gently sat down on the edge of the bed and carefully placed his warm hands over mine. I almost flinched. It felt so...unreal

My golden star. He used to call me his golden star. He remembered the golden stars?

"Y-You...remember?" I whispered, genuinely surprised.

"Of course I remember. How can I ever forget painting the ceiling of your room with golden stars with you? I would never forget that. When I go to sleep every night, I look up at the ceiling in my bedroom and remember the stars and especially you," he confessed, warmly.

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