15. Drunk Little Dares

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"Real queens fix each other's crowns

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"Real queens fix each other's crowns."


Three days after I was discharged from the hospital, I spent the weekend at home, resting extra more so I would be all set to return back to school. And when I did return, the current big thing everyone was talking about was a big party a cheerleader was hosting at her house. And that cheerleader was none other than Bree Johnson herself. The cheer captain.

"You're coming to my party, right?" Bree asked, opening her locker and taking out her chemistry books.

If I was the old Maya Greene, Bree didn't even have to ask, because parties were heaven on earth to me. But as the new Maya Greene, my first thought wasn't "yes of course", but something completely different.

I'd rather just stay in and watch SpongeBob with Cayden.

My body tingled by the memory of our so-called hospital date. I hadn't seen him since that night nor did we talk on the phone during the midnights, because he respected that I needed to rest a lot. And I did rest. All I did for the past five days was sleep, eat and read books before continuing the cycle all over again. It was worth it because my medication was working and I was feeling a lot better. Hopefully, there would be no more fainting.

Before I could reply, Bree continued, "You can invite Cayden too. I've invited Owen. And if Owen's going, maybe Heaven will go too. It would be the perfect chance to maybe become friends."


I could work with that.

"And?" I raised my brows, knowingly.

Bree grinned. "And get drunk, dance like there's no tomorrow and find some hot chicos to hook up with."

"Chicos? When did you start speaking Spanish? You never even did it in Spanish class?" I asked, surprised.

"Like I said, I've started trying new things every day. Plus, I'm actually getting a solid D+ in Spanish now! Not long before that C is mine forever," she said, proudly as pure confidence radiated off her.

Never had I ever seen someone so happy over a D+, but then again,  Bree was now my true best friend, so I flashed her a genuine proud smile.

"I'm a proud Mama bear," I said, linking my arm around hers as we walked through the hallway together to head towards my locker.

"So the party? You in?" She rose her brows, inquiringly.

"Sure. But I don't think I need to ask Cayden though. He used to show up at every part. He'll probably come to this one too," I assumed.

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