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Princess Aisha of Andros

AishaVoiced by

Laura Lenghi (RAI Italian)

Vasthy Mompoint (4Kids Dub (2004-2006)

Christina Rodriguez (4Kids dub (2007-2008))

Keke Palmer (Nickelodeon dub)

Lucinda Davis (RAI English)


Andros (Tides in 4Kids Version)

Known Family

King Teredor (father)

Queen Niobe (mother)

King Neptune (uncle)

Queen Ligea (aunt)

Princess Tressa (cousin sister)

Crowned Prince Nereus (cousin brother)

Prince Tritannus (cousin brother)


June 15 (Original/Italian)

Fairy sign

Gemini (astrology)

She is the Fairy of Waves. She is able to control and manipulate a pale pink fluid called Morphix to take on any shape and form she chooses. Aisha is the princess of the planet Andros, which is a water planet. The mermaids are faithful allies of Aisha's parents and they help to protect the planet. She has a restless, rebellious and wild nature. She is also beautiful, super gutsy, loves all sorts of sports and all types of dance, and faces every difficulty head on. She is also a little bit of an idealist and always on the move. Aisha is more of an athlete, a fighter, dancer and wind-raider rider compared to the rest of the group. She joins the Winx in the second season and brings her pixie friends along with her whom the Winx later bond with. Her pixie is Piff, the pixie of sweet dreams, who quite frequently helps her with her troubling nightmares. Her magical pet is Milly, a white rabbit and her bonded selkie is Lemmy, the keeper of the gate of Andros. She was Nabu's fiancée, but when Nabu saved the Warrior Earth fairies, he goes into a coma-like state and later on he dies. Because of this, Aisha joined the Warrior Earth Fairies to avenge her beloved's death, but she eventually returned to the Winx after they and Nebula defeated the wizards. Her hobbies include sports and dance, and she also loves horses. Her best friend is Flora. Aisha's birthday is June 15. She is a professional-level dancer. She is a fast and strong fairy (she was even one of the three strongest enchantix fairies alongside Musa and Stella, until Bloom completed hers). Her signature colors are turquoise, aqua, aquamarine and lime green. In the fifth season, it is revealed its main villain, Tritannus, is Aisha's cousin and she develops a special relationship with Roy. In the sixth season, she and Nex start having feelings for each other. She has medium brown skin tone, curly/wavy brown waist-length hair and cerulean eyes. She is voiced by Keke Palmer in the Nickelodeon English dub and Vasthy Mompoint in the 4Kids dub (In most dubs of the show, Aisha's name was changed to Layla).

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