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<li style="margin-bottom: 0.1em;">Roy (Season 5–present): A new Specialist from Andros, who works for Aisha's father. Roy has short, spiky light blond colored hair with gray eyes and brown skin tone with African appearance. Like Nabu, Roy also has the ability to use magic. He is very helpful to the Winx because of his ability to fight underwater. He has a crush on Aisha secretly that seems to begin when they were at a party. He shows interest by wanting to cheer her up. Though Aisha was slow to show that she reciprocated his feelings, she openly shows these feelings by Season 6. Roy and Aisha are not officially dating. Later on in Season 6, he gains a rival for Aisha's affections in one of the Paladins—Nex. He is voiced by Bryton James in the Nickelodeon dub.</li>


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