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Crown Princess Daphne of Domino

She is the Nymph of Sirenix and derives her powers from the five elements. Daphne has fair skin tone, blonde hair and light brown eyes. She is the eldest child of Oritel and Mariam of Domino("Sparks") and Bloom's older sister. She is an important character in Bloom's past. She guided Bloom throughout the first three seasons and helped her numerous times, and later assisted her younger sister in restoring Domino and freeing their parents by defeating the Ancestral Witches in the first movie. In the fifth season, it was revealed that Daphne was the last fairy to have achieved the Sirenix power. Unfortunately, the three Ancient Witches had cast a curse upon her Sirenix powers, causing Daphne to become a bodiless spirit. Bloom eventually used her Sirenix wish to have the curse of Sirenix broken forever. This successfully restored Daphne to her physical. In season 6 Daphne finally reconnects with her Sirenix powers and orders the beast of the depths used by the Trix to return to the sea. Daphne later enrolled at Alfea as the History of Magic teacher. She is now officially Crown Princess of her home world. Her signature colors are cyan, light sea-green and light yellow. She took birth on May 3. Further more of her magical powers are unveiled, she is revealed to derive her Sirenix abilities from the five elements of water, fire, earth, air and quintessence (though air and Quintessence have not been shown yet). She is voiced by Raffaella Castelli in the original version, Bella Hudson in the 4Kids dub, and by Elizabeth Gillies in the Nickelodeon dub.

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