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• Augustus: He is the owner of the Toy Shop where Fixit works. Fixit made his shop a successful one, but Augustus always try to find a way to cut Fixit's salary.

• Grind: He runs the Pixieville Bank, and no one has seen him either smiling or giving loan.

• Rollo: He runs the Pixie Plaza, which is the most famous hotel in Pixieville and where Lockette works.

• Ronf: He is the laziest Gnome of Pixieville, and is married to an energetic Gnome named Nella. He always want to sleep.


The animals have an active part in the society, just like the Pixies and the Gnomes. They have a job and the same rights as the other citizens of Pixieville.

Unlike the Pixies and the Gnomes, they live in lairs and in the houses of the forest community in the forest around Pixieville. They like to be cuddled.

They never do bad things like the elves, but neither do dishonest things.

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