Solaria, Lynphea, Melody and Zenith

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Other than Princess Stella, the following characters are from the planet Solaria.

King Radius is the King of Solaria, he is also Stella's and Takaia's father. He almost marries Countess Cassandra, who, with the help of Valtor, controls Radius to do whatever she says. Cassandra leaves Radius in danger of getting killed by dragons in the eighth episode of season 3. However, Stella saves him and earns her Enchantix powers. He is voiced by André Sogliuzzo in the Nickelodeon dub.

ex Queen Luna is the ex Queen of Solaria, she is also Stella's mother. She and King Radius are divorced, but later got back together, in the later episodes in Season 5. She is voiced by Megan Cavanaugh in the Nickelodeon dub.

Countess Cassandra and Chimera are a mother and daughter duo introduced in the third season of the series. Chimera appears in the first episode, constantly in conflict with the Winx as they shop in preparation for Stella's princess ball on Solaria. Countess Cassandra appears in the second episode, when the Winx girls arrive on Solaria. Both of them team up with Valtor to gain control of Solaria. Cassandra and Stella's and Takaia's father, King Radius, are engaged to be married. Cassandra puts a spell on Radius that forces him to do everything she tells him to, even banishing his own daughters. Chimera uses her powers to turn Stella into a hideous monster. Later in the season, Chimera takes Stella's place as 1st Princess of Solaria. Countess Cassandra is voiced by Meghan McCraken in the 4Kids dub and by Kath Soucie in the Nickelodeon dub. Chimera is voiced by Amanda Brown in the 4Kids dub and by Rachael MacFarlane in the Nickelodeon dub.

Nova is an old friend of Stella. In season three, when Cassandra and Chimera are ruling and Stella is no longer princess of Solaria, Nova updates Stella with all the news of Cassandra and Chimera's rule.

Illiris is the gatekeeper of Solaria's ocean portal and Stella's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Lauren Weisman in the Nickelodeon dub.

Other than Flora, the following characters are from the planet Lynphea.

Miele (Rose in some versions) is the little sister of Flora. She helped The Winx find the Sage of Lynphea and is the reason Flora earned her Enchantix. In Season 6, Miele surprised Flora by fighting the Treants with her newly found powers. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco in Nickelodeon dub.

Princess Krystal is the princess of Lynphea and an old friend of Helia. She is voiced by Cymphonique Miller in the Nickelodeon dub.

Desiryee is the gatekeeper of Lynphea's ocean portal and Flora's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Amber Hood in the Nickelodeon dub.

Other than Musa, the following characters are from Melody.

Ho-Boe is Musa's father. He used to be a musician until the death of his dearly beloved wife. He is voiced by Jim Ward in the Nickelodeon dub.

Matlin is Musa's deceased mother. She was a musician, opera singer and artistic performer. She is voiced by Laura Bailey in the Nickelodeon dub.

Galatea is a fairy with light blonde hair and is the Princess of the one of the planets in the harmonic relm. She has a cream-colored fairy outfit with darker cream-colored wings shaped like treble clefs with gold trimming. Her civilian outfit is a lilac dress and a golden crown. In episode 10 of season 3, the Trix force her to take them to Alfea's spell chamber so they can steal its spells. Icy is shown freezing and breaking Galatea's wings when she tries to escape. When Galatea tries to save the scrolls and books from a fire that Darcy starts, she is overcome by smoke. Musa sacrifices herself by not leaving Galatea and earns her Enchantix. She is voiced by Bella Hudson in the 4Kids Dub and byJennifer Hale in the Nickelodeon dub.

Diletta is the Headmistress of the Golden Auditorium, a prestigious music academy found of Melody. She is a friend of Daphne. Diletta is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

Sonna is the gatekeeper of Melody's ocean portal and Musa's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Hope Levy in the Nickelodeon dub.

Other than Princess Tecna, the following characters are from planet of Zenith.

King Cryos is the king of planet Zenith.

Lithia is the gatekeeper of Zenith's ocean portal and Tecna's bonded selkie.

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