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Princess Stella of Solaria

StellaVoiced by

Perla Liberatori (Italian)

Kathleen Delaney (4Kids dub Season 1)

Amy Birnbaum (4 Kids Seasons 2-3)

Amy Gross (Nickelodeon dub)

Jennifer Seguin (RAI English)


Solaria (Valeria in Winx Club: The Quest for the Codex)

Known Family

King Radius of Solaria (Father)

Queen Luna of Solaria (Mother)


August 18 (Original/Italian)

August 10 (4Kids Version)

Fairy sign


She is the Fairy of the Shining Sun. Stella is beautiful, talkative, and carefree. She loves being the center of attention and even having an infamous reputation, but she changes throughout the series with the help of her five best friends. She tends to be spontaneous and dislikes extensive planning, but she is able to recognize when her help is needed. Stella is the fashionist of the Winx and cares very much about her appearance. She loves fashion, and her dream is to be a fashion designer, so she is usually creating fashion-forward outfits for herself and her friends. She can be high-handed and sometimes a little bit insensitive. But when it comes down to it, Stella is brave and loyal. She is the 1st princess of the planet Solaria, which is the brightest and sunniest planet in all the magical dimension. Since Solaria is her birth planet, she is the heir to the Solarian throne. Her mother, Queen Luna, represents the moon and her father, King Radius, represents the sun. It is revealed in the first season that they are divorced, but she wishes they would get back together, as it is shown in the third season. Her pixie is Amore, the pixie of love, her magical pet is Ginger, a pink poodle, and her bonded selkie is Illiris, the gatekeeper of Solaria. She is Brandon's official girlfriend and fiancée. Her birthday is August 18. Her hobbies are shopping and designing clothes. She is one of the most powerful fairies. Her signature colors are orange, yellow, violet, pink and blue. She is best friends with Bloom. She has medium skin tone, waist-length golden blonde hair and amber eyes. It is unknown if Stella is crown princess of Solaria.

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