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<li style="margin-bottom: 0.1em;">Stormy: The youngest of the trio, she has power over storms. She is the most hot-tempered of the group and is prone to violent outbursts. She enjoys tormenting both, fairies and pixies. She often does not think before she does something, which can often lead them to dangerous consequences. Stormy is Musa's rival for most of the series. In season two, Darkar gives Stormy a bracelet (Gloomix) that goes on the back of her hand all the way up to her elbow, which is violet on her right hand. She has bluish-lavender hair styled in a cloud-shaped hairdo with light bluish-lavender colored bangs in a lightning bolt shape and a reddish-violet outfit with an 'S' on it. She is voiced in the original Italian version by Valeria Vidali, <a class="new" style="text-decoration: none; color: #a55858; background: none;" title="Suzy Myers (page does not exist)" href="">Suzy Myers</a> in the 4Kids dub, abnd by <a style="text-decoration: none; color: #0b0080; background: none;" title="Kimberly Brooks" href="">Kimberly Brooks</a> in the Nickelodeon dub.</li>


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