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Y/n's pov
Moving day
Everyone went home yesterday.we all hugged it out and cried. Especially Millie. Even though we wouldn't see each other much even if I did live with Noah.

I was done putting all my things in the moving truck. Last night Noah and I had a very emotional talk and a very emotional hug.

I told him we couldn't cry today. So we cried yesterday. I told him we had to be happy for each other. I was going because I couldn't be at home anymore. I had no support to be what I wanted to be and I wasn't happy.

We hugged one more time and I got into the truck. I waved at my crying mom, my happy for me, Noah, my 'siblings', and at Sadie.

As we drove off, my sadness faded at the thought that I could start a new life and actually have friends. My sadness also grew at the thought of me willingly leaving my best friend.

I felt a tear come down my cheek. I quickly wiped it off before me dad saw me. I was so sad last night that I couldn't sleep. I put my headphones on, played some music, and drifted off to sleep.

Noah's POV

I went home and fell on my bed. I looked at all the frames on my wall. They ALL had y/n in them. She was like family to us. I can't believe she's gone. 

I got a call from Matt. I clicked the answer button and put it up to my ear.

"Hello?" I asked "Noah we need you to come to Atlanta." He said "Why?" I asked in confusion

"We'll explain when you get here. The rest of the cast already knows" He said . "Ok um I'll tell my mom" I said "Ok see you soon." He said and I ended the call

I told my mom and we booked a flight for tomorrow. I started packing right away.

I didn't know what was happening but if he couldn't tell me over the phone than it must be really important.

I texted the group chat.

|🌸|🐸|🥖| 🍫🧔🏾|🦁
Millie Finn Noah Caleb Gaten

Why do we need to go to

I don't know. I'm so

Me too.

An announcement?

But why couldn't
he Just call us?

A big
I'm scared😂

How are you Noah?

A little bummed
But I'm happy for
Her .

You're such
A good friend😭

But guess what


She moving to Vancouver

Yeah, and?

I live in Vancouver ;)


Plot twist

Are you serious

He is

🤭 🐥

What a coincidence

I didn't go to school so I decided to write another chapter:)

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