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Finns pov

I saw y/n lying on Noah's chest and Noah playing with her hair and I got so jealous. "I'll put her on the couch for you." I told Noah going to pick her up "it's ok Finn I'm fine." He replied "no it's ok" I said "Finn I'm fine she's my best friend" he said

Noah soon fell asleep and I felt uncomfortable with them so close together. I had an idea. Noah's the heaviest sleeper and so are the test of the cast. "Y/n" I whispered. She didn't wake up. I tried one more time. "Y/n wake up." She woke up and looked confused.

"What?" She asked "I'm bored" I said "Finn go live or something" She said "come be live with me then." I said "fine let me brush my hair first" she went to the bathroom and came out 20 seconds later we went to the kitchen and went live.

"Are you guys dating?" Someone asked "no Finns like a brother to me" She said and I got hurt. "Plus I'll probably use him for fame" she said making hand quotes around 'use him for fame'. We both laughed and y/n yawned. "Well I'm going to sleep bye" She said and went back.

I ended the live and thought maybe she might've came to my side since she'd have to walk over everyone to get to Noah. But she went with Noah and it woke him up. "Y/n?" He asked. "Yeah sorry." She replied and she put her head on his shoulder.

Maybe they do like each other. Y/n said she likes me as a brother. Finn you're 2 years older than her wtf. You can't have a girlfriend the fandom would kill her. She already mocked wanting clout. People are gonna think she's a gold digger.

Do this for her sake Finn. You're never this nervous around people. She's not good for me. I haven't been the best actor. My grades been going down. All because you keep thinking about y/n. The girl that doesn't like you.
(said in the bathroom mirror^)

"You like y/n?" I heard someone say I turned to see Sadie. "Sadie! What are you doing here?!" I whisper yelled." This isn't your bathroom you know." She said "please don't tell anyone" I said "Finn you can't like y/n" she said closing the door. "What why" I asked

"Because Noah and y/n like each other." She said "Finn you must be stupid of you haven't seen that" someone else said "we opened the door and saw Caleb "what the hell!" I said "I thought I heard tea" Caleb said "how do you know they like each other?" I said "y/n told me that she was jealous of Noah and (someone they met)" Sadie said

"And Noah said he was jealous of you and y/n and that it made sense because all the girl go for you and he seemed really sad" Caleb said "you're right. Y/n and Noah have been friends all their life. I've actually been friends with y/n for like a month."

But if I'm going to stop trying to get at y/n we need to get Noah and y/n together before Someone else asked y/n out. " I said "who would ask y/n out she has like 2 friends?" Caleb said "me!" I said a little tooo loudly .

They both looked at me with a mad look in their eyes. "I'm just joking calm down." I said "let's go" Sadie said turning off the light and walking out.

Sorry o haven't updated I promise I will but thank you for 700 reads. I know a lot of people get like 20k reads but I don't update constantly and I got my book on someone's reading list and she had like 25k reads on one and for her to be interested in my book makes me happy anyway I'll post more I promise I haven't had time I've been going through somethings ;)

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