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We went back to my house and my mom was with my stepdad so Sadie said "do you guys wanna spend the night at my house?" She asked

"mom can we sleep over Sadie's?" I asked her "yeah just be back tomorrow at 4:00" she said mouthing "party for Noah" when she mouthed "for" she put four fingers up

"ok" I said and we walked outside "do you wanna go to the park?" I said "YEAH" both Noah and Sadie yelled "RACE YA" I said and ran "HEY THATS NOT FAIR"Noah said "YEAH" Sadie said Both chasing after me

when we got there out of breath we saw the girl I hate and she hates me Tiffany "HEY NOAH" you're back that's awesome she yells and go hugs Noah "I missed you soooo much" she said I just rolled my eyes "oh uh I missed you too. Amber?" He said I just busted out laughing

"no it's Tiffany" she said annoyed "oh sorry" he said while I was still laughing "hey amb- Tiffany this is my friend Sadie" I said "oh" she said looking at Sadie in disgust

"What?" Sadie said annoyed "you just look... hmm ugly" she said "hmm you're just a blind Amb- Tiffany" Sadie said and I laughed SO hard I was rolling on the ground she pushed Sadie and Sadie pushed her back and I jumped in the middle

"HEY NO NEED FOR THAT" I said and Tiffany said "whatever and by the way Noah you should stay in Atlanta" she said and walked away when she left we started DYING

"did you see her face "YoU sHoUlD sTaY iN aTlAnTa" I said mimicking her voice "I didn't even mean to get her name wrong she just looks like an amber" Noah said "what if we actually he gotten into a fight?!" Sadie said

"than you would've won last year she got into a fight with this girl and she lost BIG time" Noah said and we were all laughing it was like 2:00am and Noah was pushing me on the swing while Sadie was sitting on the sand

"Noah would you ever forget me?" I asked
"y/n?! If we ever stopped taking I would have this to remember you by" he pulled out his keys and showed me his keychain that I gave him when he left it said

"we are iconic" I took out the matching necklace from under my shirt "y/n... WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT" he yelled "I hate you Noah" I said laughing

I put the necklace back under my shirt and he put his keychain away "so... how was your day?" Asked "mine was good"I said "mine too" Noah said "yours" we both asked "good" Sadie said

then Sadie got a call it was from her mom so she put it on speaker "SADIE IT IS 4 IN THE MORNING WHERE ARE YOU?!" She yelled we looked at the time and it was 4:28 "Sorry mom we were taking about something that happened in the park we'll be there in a couple minutes" she said as we all ran to her house

you better be" her mom said and Sadie replied "we're...here" gasping in between and ended the call her mom opened the door and let us in "hi y/n" as she looked at Noah she gasped "IS THIS NOAH YOUR ACTOR BEST FRIEND?!" She yelled

"yes"I said "Noah meet Ms.Sink Ms.Sink meet Noah" I said panting "hi Ms.Sink" he said "call me Lisa and y/n you know to call me Lisa I don't know why you called me Ms.Sink" she said

"right sorry" I said as we walked in we went to Sadie's room and I fell on her bed "hey I sleep there too" Sadie said "oh right" I said we brought our an inflatable mattress and it was a little shorter  than Sadie's bed so we weren't so far from each other

Noah slept next to me and 5 minuets later we heard Sadie's snoring we couldn't stop laughing Sadie's mom texted me to go to sleep and I showed Noah we went to sleep and I felt happy for the first time in 11 months.

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