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Y/n's pov

When we got to my dads house I couldn't believe that that was where I was going to live. "It's so nice" I said looking at it.

"Thank you" my dad responded. We went inside and it looked even nicer. I was so shocketh. "Your room is up the stairs to the left." My dad said pointing at the stairs.

I went up and it was so big. I left everything there in New York so I could visit and sleep there. There was a bed a swing thing a desk and a chair a drawer my closet and a box labeled y/n.

I opened it and it was a bunch of decorations for the room. Fairy lights, posters, a strings of stars, and a bunch of picture frames with no pictures

I went downstairs and hugged my dad and thanked him. I missed him so much. I started to cry. I remember the time he left when my mom kicked him out. My mom pulling me to let him go.

"I love you y/n." He said as he hugged me tighter. "I love you too dad" I said as tears soaked his shirt.

"I have a gift for you" he said as I let go. "Why?" I said "me moving in with you is already a gift" I said "a welcome home gift" he said moving to the side so I could see a box on the counter. 

I opened it and saw a MacBook Air. "To FaceTime Noah" he said

I wanted to cry. I missed Noah, but him remembering my best friends name and that we were still close was a sign that I was home.

"Thank you" I said giving him a hug. "Now go to sleep we have a big day ahead of us." He said "what are we doing?" I asked "you'll find out" he said going upstairs.

I grabbed a water bottle and headed up stairs. I took the plastic off the box and opened it. I took it out and set it up.

I FaceTimed Noah. "Hello?" He said "hi Noah" I said happy to see him. " Hi y/n howareyou? howscanada? whatareyoudoing? howsyourdad?" He said so fast

"woah Noah slow down." I said putting my hands up "I'm good. Canada's good. I'm in my room. My dads good. He has a huge house." Why are you talking so fast?" I asked

"Som- sorry y/n got to go!" He said super fast as some one else came in the room. I called him again but he declined. I decided to text Finn.

Hey Finn 

Hey y/n wyd? 

Nothing just in my new
room in Vancouver

Omg you're here?!


What are your doing

Idk my dad has
  something planned



After school?

What do you have

Ice cream and
the drive in 

I'll be there


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