The One Who Stole Your Face

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I meant it when I told you I could never hate you.

You proved my words right when you broke my heart with the help of two others.

Those words I say still ring true. Every one says I should say I hate you, but I can't.

Not the you, you were to me.

In my mind there's two of you; one that belongs to me, and the one I never want to see again.

One who kissed me non-stop and never let my hand drop to my side if you could help it, who let me sleep on your chest when I could never sleep, who listened to my stupid venting curses all summer long, who traced circles on my back when we layed together on your couch, the one who told me you loved me, and the one who knew me that's the one who belongs to me.

Now there is another you who stole your face and voice. He broke my heart in two by using your voice. He made me cry and didn't apoligize. I know it all may sound childish, but my only wish is that somehow you come back into exsistence. This man who stole your face is not the boy who kissed me for six months. This is just my wish not a dream not a speach.

If you are out there grant my wish, please grant my wish......before my wish is too late.

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