Her Only Prayer

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The blood runs down her wrist as she prays to God for his forgiveness.

Her heart cries out for the pain to stop as her mind tells her it' no use she is what she is.

The blade covered in her blood falls to the floor her hands shake too much to pick it up.

Her hands reach for the slippery blade while her legs move her back away from the blade.

The blood soaks her white tank top and black clothing.

Her eyes shed tears as she reaches for the cell phone on her desk.

The phone slides away from her hand as her mind begins to play tricks on her.

Her eyes focus and un-focus rapidly as her life runs from her veins.

The blood runs across the floor as she stands knowing she's in trouble this time.

Her mind focuses on her prayer as her fingers dial "911".

The phone rings and rings until someone answers.

Her blood kept spilling and her mind couldn't decide what to tell the panicked woman on the line as she repeats her prayer outloud.

"Dear God,

Please forgive the sin I've done.

I should have asked before four years ago for you to guide me so.

I love you Lord, you are my God.

I hope you love me to.

I know my mom will miss me and my dad will surely cry,

but guide them Lord for you know as well as I that their tears will not be worth their time.

They will meet me in Heaven with You and your holy Son.

So I pray you lord, let them live with your grace.

It is my only my sin that should paid for today.


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