When, Do You?

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When the world thinks they know you, do you fake a smile?

When the world says they understand you, do you listen?

When the world says you'll be fine, do you believe it?

When your friends can't be in your life, do you replace them?

When your friends are practically dead to you, do you want new ones?

When your friends were all you had and now they can't be, do you sleep and smile?

When your boyfriend cheats on you, do you let it go right away?

When your boyfriend leaves you alone, do you forgive him?

When you boyfriend was on your mind all the time, do you just stop thinking about who they were to you?

When your dad doesn't see you when you seem him two weekends out of every month, do you laugh it off?

When your dad pays you no mind because there is a game in the way, do you praise that game and love it?

When you dad seems like an empty shell compared to the way he was before, do you not resent him?

When your mother says she knows you, do you listen to her?

When your mother says that sending you to a new school away from your friends, do you love her every choice?

When your mother thinks you aren't to be trusted, do you want to open up to her and tell her everything?

When your younger step-sister is not allowed to see you, do you hate her?

When your younger step-sister might not recognize you, do you regret being her sister?

When your younger step-sister who used look just like you can't be pictured in your mind, do you forget her?

When your life seems to be suffocated from oxygen it needs to burn, do you still want it?

When your life is taken from you, do you let it be completly taken?

When your life has nothing left in it, do you still feel as though you are alive?

If you answered "no" to all of these questions, do you think you are that much different from me?

If you were me you'd think the same way whether you are a prep, or a goth, or a nerd.

It's just the truth you may not like it, but we are all the same. We are all human, we all have the same feelings, but we do do different things with our life, our pain, our love, our friends, our feelings, our way of expressing our selves. In reality it's all just the same. Keep that in mind when you hear someone being called a freak, a cutter, an emo, a clone, a crazy chick/guy, and all those names we have at one time called someone or ourselves. We are the same!

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