Say Goodbye

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"Say Goodbye, Chloe," my mother used to say.

"Say Goodbye, Chloe," my father reminded me when I was younger.

"Say Goodbye, Chloe," his eyes pleaded before he left.

"Say Goodbye, Chloe," his eyes sent to me before I left.

"Say Goodbye, Chloe," my blood shrieks as it slides down my wrist.

"Say Goodbye, Chloe," my mind screams as I take the blade in my hand again.

"Say Goodbye, Chloe," the wind whispered in my ear as I stood at the edge of that cliff.

"Say Goodbye. Say Goodbye. Say Goodbye!" My heart cries as it breaks again for something so stupid.

Don't forget I said goodbye in that letter I wrote. Don't forget I've wanted to say it over and over and again as long as I've been living like this.

Don't forget that I've been trying to say goodbye in these poems I write day and night. Don't forget that one day you too will have to say goodbye and it just might not be by choice.

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