Dear Love

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Dear Love,

I've made up my mind today

About what I'm afraid to say.

But today is the day so please let me say,

I have loved you like I always have.

I never wish to love another

You may have hurt me more than twice over, but who is to judge?

With all my belongings inside that box the ones I love most are of you, My Love. I never thought of all these poems, but then I didn't need to write them. I'd tell you the truth, but it would sound like a story. But for the life of all this love my biggest rues are only these; I never showed you all that love and I forgot to keep the scary piece of me at bay.

So My Love this is what I mean to say,

I'll love you like I did each day. I will love you every day. But today is the day you will know the truth and you will for there every day after.

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