You Lied Again!

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Every day I lay in wait

I sit by the window

I watch the day turn to night

You expect me to listen

You expect me to obey

You were wrong to lie to me

You taught me how to play the game

I'm disobeying you again

You lied to me again

I'm done hiding behind walls

You know what you did

"How can I trust you?" You say

How can I trust you!?

You lie to my face

You crush my dreams

You expect me to believe that everything is okay

I'm the liar, remember?

I'm the one who never speaks the truth.

I'm not the one trying to get out of the lies I've told.

I'm not the one trying to right all the wrong.

I'm not the one keeping in the tears at what I left behind when I made mistakes.

It's not good enough

It's not okay.

I'm done with the lies

I just want out.

I'm not really here though, remember?

You lied again

You broke the bonds.

You broke the ties.

Mother and daughter

What a friggin' lie

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