Act 2.7

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Ramona runs into a cubicle and bends over the toilet, heaving. She presses a hand to her chest and clenches her eyes shut as she tries to catch her breath. She gags, as if about to vomit, but nothing comes out. The bathroom door opens and she hears the faucet run. Drawing in a deep breath, she gets up and wipes her mouth. Pale-faced, she exits the cubicle and sees none other than Amelia.

AMELIA: Oh, hi. Are you okay?

Ramona nods.

RAMONA: Uh, yeah. I–I think I just ate a bad bagel.

Amelia nods.

AMELIA: You wrote the script right?


AMELIA: It's really good for a first timer. Leo told me you've never really made a movie before?

Ramona is silent.

AMELIA: It's fun. You won't regret it. The boys and I go way back, actually. You know I met Simon on set? Yeah, we started dating 'cause of Leo. (pause) I hope I get casted. It's been a while since I acted with Simon. I kind of missed it. (pause) Anyway, I gotta go. Feel better!

Amelia walks out without waiting for Ramona's response. Ramona lets out a sharp breath.



Leo and Simon are in a heated conversation with Kenny standing between them when Ramona enters the room. They stop talking at once when they see her.

LEO: Ramona. Just in time. We were just going over today's auditions.

SIMON: Are you okay?

Ramona nods and takes her seat again. They all follow suit.

LEO: So, I really liked Amelia's audition—


LEO: No offense, Simon, but you're not exactly Ramona. Only she and I get a say.

Simon scowls.

LEO: But as I was saying, I wasn't really impressed with anyone else's audition for Adam.

RAMONA: (quietly) I thought Haley was good.

LEO: Sure, yeah, but I don't think she captures the essence of Ruby that well.

SIMON: No offense, Leo, but I think Ramona would know her characters better than you.

KENNY: I can't believe I'm the one saying this but can you two stop acting like children?

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