Act 1.2

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Haley rings up a costumer at the cashier. Ramona is behind her, leaning against the counter with a window to the kitchen where Simon is making fries.

HALEY: Don't you have somewhere to be?


HALEY: Your shift doesn't start until 3.

RAMONA: I know.

Haley looks at her incredulously.

HALEY: You know, I don't get you, Ramona. Yesterday you were late. Now you're hours early.

Simon appears by the window.

SIMON: Hales, when you accept that there's just not much to get about Ramona, life gets so much easier.

Ramona reaches behind to smack his arm.

RAMONA: I was just excited. I wanted to share the news with someone.

HALEY: And that someone was?

Simon looks at Ramona expectantly.

RAMONA: (hesitates) Both of you! I wanted to share it with both of you.

Simon sighs and lowers his head.

HALEY: What news?


HALEY: Don't you have friends?

There's a moment of silence.

SIMON: We're her friends. (to Ramona) So what is it?

RAMONA: (defeatedly) Nothing. It's not really a big deal now that I think about it. (to Haley) How was your date?

Haley gives her a look.

HALEY: It was fine. He was no Prince Charming if that's what you're asking.

SIMON: If he was, then you'd be the dragon. So be thankful.

HALEY: (dryly) Ha-ha. Very funny, Simon.

Ramona gets up.

RAMONA: I'm gonna go home to do some work. (to Simon) I'll catch you later. (to Haley) See you.

Ramona exits the counter and heads for the door.

HALEY: Bye, Monsey.

SIMON: Ramona, wait—

The bell above the door rings and Ramona is seen though the window, walking home. Haley looks at Simon, who slumps over the kitchen counter.

HALEY: Does she know?

Simon shakes his head.

HALEY: God, you are so whipped.



Ramona is marching home with a bagel in hand, after having stopped at a bakery nearby.

RAMONA: Stupid Haley. I'll show you.

She bites her bagel angrily. She opens the website for the student film festival and reads the guidelines.

Maximum duration: 30 minutes

Early Deadline: July 2, 2019 – Entry Fee: Features $35 (Students $25); Shorts $30 (Students $20)

Regular Deadline: August 1, 2019– Entry Fee: Features $45 (Students $35); Shorts $35 (Student $25)

Late Deadline: September 5, 2019 – Entry Fee: Features $55 (Students $45); Shorts $40 (Student $30)

Ramona draws in a deep breath. She opens up an empty document and stares at the blinking line.

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