Act 2.6

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Sitting behind a table are Leo, Ramona, Simon, and Kenny, who agreed to fund the film on the condition that he gets to cameo.

Ramona leans over to Simon.

RAMONA: (whisper) Where is Kenny getting the money to fund this?

Simon shrugs.

SIMON: (whisper) His parents, probably. They're crazy loaded.

Ramona's eyes widen.

SIMON: (whisper) You know how people have beach houses to vacation in? (pause) His family has an island.

RAMONA: Geez... Well, at least it's benefitting us somehow.

Simon shrugs again.

LEO: Alright, so, the first one up is Haley, auditioning for the role of Ruby. (to Haley) Haley, you're up.


After hours have passed, a BLONDE GIRL enters and takes the last seat in the audition line. Simon visibly stiffens.

RAMONA: (whisper) Where did Leo find all these people?

Simon's attention snaps away from the blonde girl. He looks at Ramona.

SIMON: Huh? Oh. Leo's something of a big deal in his school. Won a couple awards and stuff, so people take him pretty seriously.

RAMONA: (shocked) What? Why didn't you tell me?

LEO: (to Simon and Ramona) Pay attention, please. (to the BOY auditioning) Could you do that again, please? Thanks.

Simon sighs. He looks at the blonde girl again.

SIMON: I don't know. Didn't think it was important I guess.

RAMONA: Didn't think it was important! Christ!

Leo gives them a chastisting look. She looks back at him apologetically.


LEO: Alright. Our last audition for the day. Amelia? Please come up.

The blonde girl, revealed to be AMELIA, smiles as she walks towards the makeshift stage.

AMELIA: Sorry I'm late.

She lifts her hand and wiggles her fingers. A smirk is on her face.

AMELIA: Hi, Simon. You look well.

Simon looks at Leo. His jaw is clenched.

LEO: (mouths) Sorry.

Ramona furrows her brows.

RAMONA: (to Simon) Who's that?

SIMON: (gruffly) My ex.

Amelia smiles.

LEO: So, Amelia. What have you prepared for us today?

AMELIA: I was hoping I could do this scene from one of your old films, Leo. wWth Simon. For old time's sake.

Ramona's head whips to face Simon, then back to Amelia.

RAMONA: What? No. Read from the script on the table.

Amelia furrows her brows.

LEO: You can read with Simon.

SIMON: What? No. You read with her. You read for everyone else.

LEO: Come on, man. You're just reading.

Simon glares at him. Ramona's mouth is agape as she watches the scene unfold before her.

AMELIA: Come on, Simon. It's just for old time's sake.

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