Act 3.1

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Filming for the day has just ended. Ramona is going over Leo's revised notes on her copy of the script. She looks up, sighing. Simon appears, handing her a cup of hot chocolate and sits next to her.

RAMONA: Thanks.

SIMON: I'm starting to regret offering to help.

RAMONA: I'm starting to regret letting you help.

They look at each other and laugh.

SIMON: What's that?

Ramona looks back down at her lap.

RAMONA: Oh. Leo's notes. Just some changes.

Simon takes it from her and flips through it.

SIMON: Some? It looks like he's changing the whole damn thing.

Ramona laughs nervously.

SIMON: I'm sorry about Leo. I forgot just how much of an idiot he could be.

Ramona shakes her head.

RAMONA: It's fine, really. I trust him. He knows what he's doing.

Simon shoves his hands into his coat's pockets and Ramona takes the moment to sip from the cup.

SIMON: You know, if it weren't for you I—

Ramona looks at him.

SIMON: Forget it.

RAMONA: You wouldn't what?

Simon grins.

SIMON: Nothing, Ramona.

RAMONA: Oi! Spit it out!

Simon laughs. He gets up to his feet.

SIMON: Let's go for a walk.

RAMONA: Simon!

SIMON: I begged Sally to hire another cook so I could act in your film, Ramona. I think you can let an unfinished thought slide.

Ramona squints at him. She stands.


They start to walk. The crew members are packing up for the night.

CREW MEMBER #1: Bye guys!

RAMONA: Bye! See you tomorrow.

Simon waves goodbye. Ramona turns to him.

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