Act 1.1

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Ramona is closing up shop. Simon is waiting for her, his hands dug into the pocket of his jean jacket. She tosses him the keys. They speak at the same time.

RAMONA: You heading home?

SIMON: (hesitantly) Can I walk you home?

RAMONA: (blinks) Seriously? Simon, we've been through this. I'll be fine. I still have the mace you gave me, see?

She pulls out the mace from the side pocket of her backpack.

RAMONA: And anyway, my dorm's just two blocks away. I'll be fine, Simon, really.

Simon looks unconvinced.

RAMONA: Seriously, Simon.

SIMON: (hesitantly) Well... Okay. Just... hold on to it, okay? And call me if anything happens.

RAMONA: Yes, Simon. I'll tell whoever wants to hurt me to hold on a second so I can call my co-worker and tell him shit's about to go down. Then he can hurt me.

SIMON: Seriously, Ramona.

RAMONA: (laughing, starts to walk) Good night, Simon.

SIMON: Night.

Ramona begins to walk home.

SIMON: Wait, Ramona!

Ramona looks at him.

SIMON: What you said earlier. About how a girl can't dream for something more?


SIMON: I hope you don't feel that way. You should dream more. Even if it's just for a bagel.

Ramona smiles.

RAMONA: Have a good night, Simon.

SIMON: (smiling) You too.



Ramona plugs in her earphones and clicks play. As she's walking home, she passes by The Drowsy Poet, a bookstore and coffee shop in one. It appears to be full tonight, which briefly catches Ramona's attention. By the door, a RANDOM GUY is handing out pink fliers. Ramona approaches him, unplugging her earphones from her ears.

RAMONA: Hey, what's going on inside?

RANDOM GUY: Barnard's Film Circle's holding a screening of blockbuster hits directed by female directors.

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