Act 2.3

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Ramona enters the bar followed by Simon. He places a hand on her back and lightly guides her towards the table where his friends sit. LEO, who has met Ramona before, is the first to see them.

LEO: Hey! I'm so glad you could make it.

He takes Simon's hand and pulls him into a bro-hug. He greets Ramona similarly.

SIMON: Hey, Leo. (to Ramona) Ramona, meet Kenny—

A boy with blonde hair nods in acknowledgement.

SIMON: Jacob—

Next to Evan, the boy with a bald head, glasses, and a plump figure throws a peace sign up.


SIMON: And Duncan. We call him Dunk.

Duncan, who is dressed smartly, smiles at Ramona. He leans forward to shake her hand.

DUNCAN: Nice to meet you. Heard a lot about you.

Kenny smacks his arm. Duncan coughs.

SIMON: Anyway.

Simon pulls a seat for Ramona and she sits down.

LEO: So, Simon. Please, settle the score for us. Who do you think would win in a fight? Black Panther or Superman?

SIMON: Seriously?

Leo hands him a newly opened bottle of beer. Simon takes it. When Leo offers one to Ramona, she takes it.

SIMON: (to Ramona) Hey, are you sure you want to drink?

Ramona nods.

RAMONA: I won't drink too much.

Simon nods and sets his beer down without having taken a sip.



Ramona, who is clearly lightweight, is stumbling and leaning on Simon for support as he walks her home.

SIMON: Ramona, I really think we should just take a taxi.

RAMONA: Hm? No. No, no, we walk. I'll—I'll sober up. Just wait.

Simon sighs and tightens his grip around her.

SIMON: You had one beer. One.

RAMONA: Don't rub it in.

She groans.

RAMONA: OK. OK. We stop here. I want to vomit.

Simon, quick on his feet, turns to stand in front of her and grip her shoulder.

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