Chapter 2: Shooting

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It was very early when I got up this morning, the sun hadn't even risen yet, but I was able to get some fresh air on the balcony, admiring the lights that were illuminating the city. I was now sitting on the deckchair with a book in my hand and my cup of coffee on the table. I liked to start my days like that, I don't like to rush things. Although it was cool this morning, I had my bathrobe to keep me warm. I was thinking about what I could do today, I didn't forget of course that I had to call Lisa this morning for the shooting. The idea of being naked and posing in front of her turned me on.

I took my phone from my bed and the business card Lisa had given me. I was typing the number on the screen and waiting for her to pick up. 


"Hi Lisa, it's me. Ruby Jane."

"Oh hey, how are you?"

"I'm good, thank you. You?"

"A little busy with my daughter but you know... kids." she chuckled, I'd do anything to hear that laugh near my ear.

"So about your project?"

"Oh yeah, I nearly forgot! Hmm... can you meet me this afternoon? We could discuss this in my studio and maybe already start work, what do you think?"

"Sounds good to me. Send me the address. I'll be there around 2 pm."

"Perfect, see ya!" 

I took a quick shower and took the outfit in my closet that I had already prepared the day before. I decided to wear something simple but quite feminine, anyway I will have to undress anyway. I didn't even wear a bra, to be honest I find these things uncomfortable and besides my breasts are allowed to breathe. Before leaving the room, I checked one last time on my outfit. 

I took the taxi and gave him the address that Lisa had sent me. If you wonder why I don't have a car, it's because even if I'm a slut, a whore or whatever you want, I'm concerned about the climate. You see, no one is totally bad. The taxi dropped me off in front of a white and small building, there were not many decorations and the form was quite simple. It was almost a square with large windows where you could see the white marble reception where a woman was standing. The garden was simple, there were a few plants and cactus around, if I had to define the architectural style, I would say that it is modern and minimalist.

I pushed the big white door still made of marble and was greeted by the woman. She wore only a white t-shirt and black pants, the employees had to be chill down because of their outfits and the place where they worked, in short, it must be nice to be here.

"Welcome to Manoban's studio, what can I do for you?"

"Hi, I have an appointment with Lisa today."

"Are you Miss Ruby Jane?"

"Yep, it's me."

"Then come with me. Lisa already told me you were coming. By the way, I'm Nayeon. I take care of the reception but otherwise I am part of Lisa's team too." I simply nodded when she opened the door for me. It was a white room with few pieces of furniture, I would have thought I was in an art museum. Lisa really likes the minimalist, maybe it's someone who likes simplicity, "Lisa is coming. She's finishing a shooting so she should be here any minute. Something to drink?"

"No it's okay, thank you!" 

I left my bag on the chair and started to walk around the room. On the wall, some photos were hung, they were artistic photos, there were portraits, landscapes. On her desk, there was not much except an iMac and a few pens but one thing intrigued me. A small grey frame was standing and one could see Lisa, a woman and a little girl. You didn't have to be a wizard to guess it was her wife and daughter. Her wife had dark hair, her facial features were perfectly drawn and their daughter looked much more like her than Lisa. Actually, I don't really see any similarity between Lisa and her daughter. For example, I took everything from my mother and my father was a little sad when everyone pointed out, but he doesn't know that I have the same character as him.

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