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All I Do is Dream of You (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
All I Do is Dream of You (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
A Jenlisa AU wherein Jennie is an artist and Lisa is an actress Jenlisa Adaptation A/N: This story is not mine. All credits goes to the author and will be taken down imm...
˙.° ICLWY ( o x y g e n ) || J E N L I S A || o n e  s h o t s °.˙ by 19LimarioOppa97
˙.° ICLWY ( o x y g e n ) || J E r y l i e🐰
ICLWY - I Can't Live Without You (Oxygen) Weird title? Yes I know. And duh, of course we can't live without an oxygen. Just..just don't mind my title This is just some R...
KIM'S TORTURE  by lisalimario123
KIM'S TORTURE by lisalimario123
"Starting from today, Lisa is mine, so I guess I made it clear that nobody tortures her except me." That's what Jennie Kim, the badass popular bitch said to th...
Temptation | jenlisa (ONGOING) by jnxlskim
Temptation | jenlisa (ONGOING)by jnxlskim
"I-i can't do this anymore" "What do you mean? you agreed to this...𝘥𝘢𝘥𝘥𝘺" ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Jenlisa G!P crdts to some JL authors (This is my first...
The Neighbor by lunaxxsol
The Neighborby Akiimelon
Jennie Kim, a 24 year old girl who lives independently and the only thing she wants in her life is to sleep peacefully every night but fate got her life ruined when Lisa...
The Half to my Whole by Asuki17
The Half to my Wholeby L
Leo Manoban Bruschweiler or just known as Leo Manoban to his close friends, acquaintances and family. He is a model in Thailand and unlike her older sister Lisa, he does...
Open Your Eyes (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
Open Your Eyes (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
The one where Lisa's been having a pretty crappy day and gets home to find a stranger crying on her couch. Stranger turns out to be best friends with her roommate, Rosé...
Magnets ✔️ by lovely2431
Magnets ✔️by Lovely2431
Enjoy this compilation book full of Jenlisa one shots!! 💓💓💓💓
Regrets | LISRENE by hokkaido_NH
Regrets | LISRENEby hokkaido_NH
In this world full of regrets, would you give me a chance to prove my love for you once more? No. (Sorry for the grammatical errors you will encounter. English is not my...
Bloom [Lisrene] ✔️  by Miss-X-
Bloom [Lisrene] ✔️ by X
[COMPLETED] Hanahaki Disease is a fictional disease where a person who's suffering from unrequited and one-sided love is coughing flower petals. It's a painful sickne...
Too late to say I love you - JENLISA by My_Mysterious_Author
Too late to say I love you - My mysterious author
Don't wait until the day she leaves you... Inspired by a song.
Until the Last by washmesomekpop
Until the Lastby KM
Lalisa Manoban started to enlisting herself to becoming a Officer in the Army. Jennie Kim is the daughter of the General in South Korea. She enlist herself to becoming...
[JenLisa][Tự Viết] Tổng Tài Là Vợ Tôi by thuuu_dyn
[JenLisa][Tự Viết] Tổng Tài Là Vợ Thw
Tên: Tổng tài là vợ tôi Thể loại: 1x1, tổng tài x nhân viên (tổng tài), ngọt, sủng, ngược xíu hoặc ko ngược. Phúc hắc si tình bá đạo công x Ngạo kiều băng sơn ôn nhu thụ...
hinder ㅡ jenlisa by camrenhearteu
hinder ㅡ jenlisaby camrenhearteu
hinder: an app that allows people experiencing a bad date to reach out to people in the neighbourhood to come and rescue them. originally a camren fic by @xtonguetied
deep scars // jenlisa by R0SIE_P0SIE
deep scars // jenlisaby R0SIE_P0SIE
wherein both lovers are afraid of confessing their love to each other. #10 lalice #510 Jenlisa #33 jenlice #15 jenlice
My End Game (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
My End Game (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
Five years later, they meet again in New York. When the leaves are turning gold. Of growing up, moving on, and the chance to begin again. Originally Camren, Converted t...
I Don't Want It To Stop | Jenlisa by onionjendeukie
I Don't Want It To Stop | Jenlisaby onionjendeukie
Sorry for some grammatical errors. Please let me know if you got some recommendations :)
BLACKPINK ONESHOTS -may be my own plot or remake versions (language-Myanmar) otp- all otp in blackpink
BARTENDER | JenLisa by Mo_onstarJL23
BARTENDER | JenLisaby J.
"We met in the club, we fall in love in the club."