Chapter 2

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I kicked and fought when they put me in the car. I got three more smacks in return while the other two cackled like hyenas.

The ring on his hand split my lip open and I tried to soothe the stinging with my tongue. It offered no relief.. I had to find a way out.

I sobbed when the car went in the direction of the bar just in time for me to see Nala stumbling out of the bar, wrapped around her lover for the night.

The men must have known who he was because they pointed and made noises of excitement but the person on the outside would never know that. The windows were tinted.

I prayed that Nala wouldn't share the same fate. Out of all the bars we could have gone to..

"Sister?" My captor asked waving his hand.

I turned away from him and willed myself to become one with the seat..

He nudged me with his foot but I remained completely still.

This amused the other two and they began to laugh amongst themselves, reverting back to their native tongue.

"We'll take your friend too..." the man added but not before he leaned forward and grabbed me by the hair. I immediately winced.. I hated being tender headed.

He studied my face and had the audacity to rub his thumb along my lips.

"Pretty mouth."

My body tensed and I closed my mouth, tightly.

"Good mouth for sucking..." he trailed off and adjusted his crotch area. I didn't need to look around to know that the other two were looking at me with the same lust. A hand creeped up my back and another made its way on my thigh.

I wasn't going down without a fight.

Finally the ride came to a stop.

I didn't fight when I was dragged out of the car. I needed to bide my time.

The large building must have been their headquarters. Men and women bowed as they walked by. Well almost all of them.

There was a man leaning against a rail with a cigarette dangling from his fingers. I locked eyes with him and he took a long drag of his cancer stick, never breaking eye contact.

The burning sensation returned to my scalp and I cried out in pain.

"Never look Yakuza in the eye. Walk."

If I wasn't being jostled and shoved from behind maybe I could. My bare feet couldn't keep up and I fell forward... running into the back of the ringleader.

He stopped mid stride and his hand wrapped around my neck.

"Don't make me kill you, bitch. Pussy isn't hard to find.."

The whole ordeal was pissing me off. I clawed his face and a fist connected with the back of my head.

The world was dark after that.

I was jostled awake none too kindly and froze like a deer in headlights...

Fifteen pairs of eyes looked back at me...

I looked around, terrified and screamed when my dress was pulled down to show off my nude bra.

"Kuro..." my captor said slowly.

The pleading look in my eyes went unnoticed.
Some of the men weren't even looking my way. They carried on with conversations, talking nonchalantly as if there wasn't a women being violated before them.

Chivalry was dead.
A sea of monsters.

My head hung in defeat.

The sound of a door sliding open and closed seemed to attract the attention of the everyone present in the room because it got quiet.

My face burned with embarrassment and anger when I looked up, locking eyes with the same man from before.

His eyes narrowed when they landed on me.

Nobody said a word until the man sat down.. right in front of me.

"Ah, Yuji. Look what I caught." The man, molesting me on stage crooned.

The taste of blood filled my mouth. If I didn't stop biting the inside of my cheek, there would most likely be a hole.

I was thrust into Yuji's lap and I shrieked in surprise.
My hands trembled as I tried to push myself up from the inappropriate positioning.

"Pretty huh?"

Yuji stared me down intensely.
My lips parted and I shuddered.

He reached his hands out slowly and grabbed my face delicately.

The other men cheered and made nasty gestures but Yuji just stared, not saying a word.

Yuji brought my face closer before releasing me. His face was stoic and void of emotion.

"She's ugly."
He proclaimed.

A number of emotions washed over me in that moment and strangely enough one of them was surprising even to me:


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I already have some major events written out. I think the hardest part of writing a story is the sequencing of events. I want everything to fall in place smoothly.

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