DWM 47.

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   All four of our families went out for lunch at a diner that played bluegrass music on repeat. The employees likely hated us because we had them put four tables together so all seventeen of us could fit comfortably. My mom and Clara were talking to Anne and Zayn's mother about Cuba and Zayn's father, Mike and my dad were talking about whatever grown men talk about. Waliyha was busy telling Taylor how pretty her hair was. Chris was asking Doniya if she had any hot friends. Sofi and Safaa were going on and on about how they just had to play dress up together, and Lauren and Zayn were picking at each others food.

   "You okay?" Harry asked, nudging me. "You're pretty quiet." I gestured to everyone around me in their own conversations. "How amazing is this right now? I guess I'm just taking it in is all." Harry smirked and nodded his head absorbing what I was viewing in his own eyes. "Yeah, it is pretty amazing actually. We'd been planning this forever and it's now it's actually happening."

"And I'm glad they're all getting along," I placed my hands on my cheeks. "I mean, it's not like there's a reason they wouldn't, but you catch my drift. It's like a dream come true." Harry laughed and kissed me on the cheek."You're cute," he said.

   "I'm tired," Sofi nudged me. I turned to her and both she and Safaa looked worn out even though they were just talking about dressing up with pure enthusiasm. "We're leaving soon, Sofia," I reassured her. She pouted and threw her head back and I'm sure it hurt because even I cringed hearing the sound. I rubbed the back of her head and she sighed. "How soon is soon?" she asked.

"I don't know," I tried to estimate a time. "Soon," I said again.

"Mom, I'm tired," Safaa was next to say but Trisha continued to talk to my mom and Clara. "You are not tired," Doniya said to her.

"Yes, I am!" Safaa protested.

"If she says she's tired then she's tired," Zayn said defending his baby sister.

"Well then you take her home," Doniya said.

"I'm not going home until supper," Zayn said.

"Then take her back to your flat."

"I want to go home," Safaa made certain.

"Zayn, just take her home," his dad said. "You can leave as soon as we get back."

"Can I come too?" Sofi asked perking up.

"Yeah, can she?" Safaa asked.

"You have to ask your mom," Lauren said.

"Five bucks says they're up to something," I whispered to Harry.

"Mom," Sofi said. "Can I go sleep at her house?"

"And whose watching you?" my mom questioned. Sofi pointed to both Lauren and Zayn. "Alright then. You two have her back by dinner."

"We won't let you down Sinu," Lauren saluted my mom. She and Zayn said their temporary goodbyes to everyone. "It worked," Sofi said high fiving Safaa. The little girls hopped out of their seats. "Now we can play dress up," Safaa smiled taking Zayn's hand, Sofi took Lauren's. "Those little sneaks," I laughed. "You owe me five bucks." I held my open hand out to Harry.

"No way, Camila. We never even shook on it," he protested.

"Oh come on, Harry don't rip me off." he dug around in his pocket and gave me a high five, placing nothing in my hand.

   "You know what," Harry said suddenly, his hand still in mine. "What?" I asked.

"I was scrolling through netflix the other night and guess what movie they have?"

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