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Stockholm Syndrome (Camarry) a.u by bowsnCamila
Stockholm Syndrome (Camarry) a.uby lena
Stockholm Syndrome - noun feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor. All Rights Reserved ...
365 ថ្ងៃ by jimin765432
365 ថ្ងៃby Mø chï
365 ថ្ងៃជីវិតរាងតូចដែលធ្លាប់តែមានសេរីភាពដើរលេងសប្បាយបែរជាជួបនឹងបុរសម្នាក់ដែលមានអំណាចនឹងធ្វើបាបខ្លួនប្រាណគេមិនចេះចប់មិនចេះហើយ។ 365ថ្ងៃនេះតើជីវិតគេទៅជាយ៉ាងណា?
Nobody Compares. (Lauren Jauregui 5H and Zayn Malik 1D fanfic) by hallelujahchorus
Nobody Compares. (Lauren hallelujahchorus
Lauren Jauregui is your average teenage girl. During her Summer break she has no intentions but to spend it with her four best friends. That all changes however once her...
Cheerleader (Camarry) by CamarryLover10
Cheerleader (Camarry)by CamarryLover10
a short story of Camila being a cheerleader and Harry being a quarterback story base on the song Cheerleader by OMI
Offline ✉ zauren by itshannaboo
Offline ✉ zaurenby boo.
''oops, it looks like the person you're trying to reach has been offline for a while. We'll deliver your message as soon as they connect again.'' ― © itshannaboo
I Wish (Camarry) by rosiesharmony
I Wish (Camarry)by rosiesharmony
*Hey guys! I am currently in the works of proofreading this story. If you have just recently discovered this story, I would just like to point out that I wrote this way...
It's a Summer Fling by twerkchel
It's a Summer Flingby adriana the (t)hottie
"Zayn, do you love me?" she asked, wrapping her arms around his waist pulling him closer to her. "Of course I do. I'd be crazy not to." he kissed her...
life as one harmony by MasonYang5
life as one harmonyby Mason Yang
What if your favorite singers wake up in a aultimate universe where they are together
Fifth Harmony Meets One Direction (When Two Worlds Collide) by Twinklin_Lights
Fifth Harmony Meets One ツ
What would happen when Fifth Harmony meets One Direction? Would it be some romance or a fight for who has the best band and the best voice? As I say anything could happe...
Never Be The Same (2da Temporada)  (TERMINADA) (Camarry) by katy_styles97
Never Be The Same (2da Temporada) Camarry
Camila & Harry volverán a se unidos con su gran lazo que tienen entre medio.
Finding You (Camarry)(Sequel to Breaking & Healing) by bowsnCamila
Finding You (Camarry)(Sequel to lena
THIS IS A SEQUEL TO BREAKING & HEALING, PLEASE GO READ THAT FIRST. THANKS. Two years. It's been two years since Harry told her to forget him. He wanted to keep her saf...
Night Changes | Camarry au by DaddyLukex
Night Changes | Camarry auby Harry and Luke
An alternate universe where 1D and 5H are in high school and Harry has a lot of tattoos (more than he does in real life) and he also has a lip piercing. Camila Cabello...
Doin' the Right things ( Zauren & Camarry Fanfiction) by jhnllmaebrgn
Doin' the Right things ( Jhanella
Author: This is my First time to create a story about zauren . please forgive me about my wrong grammar BTW , Enjoy :)))) *this story have no famous no fiftharmony and...
Better Together by JasunniB
Better Togetherby JasunniB
What if Fith Harmony and One Direction didn't go on Xfactor? What if they all went to highschool together and was apart of a glee club?
Steal My Girl | C.C. & H.S. by arianaxluke
Steal My Girl | C.C. & Ariana Hemmings
This is my first Camarry story Will Michael try to take Camila away from Harry?
Story Of Our Lives // Camarry FanFic by littlexharmony
Story Of Our Lives // Camarry Yo it's Kate
A virtual interpretation of a paperback book consisting of nothing but, sappy puppy love between members of famous bands, for hopeless romantics. Enjoy.
Don't Let Me Go (Camarry)  by fine-romance
Don't Let Me Go (Camarry) by fine-romance
What if the future they dreamed of is the same? What if one summer will be enough to change the course of both their lives? . a nineteen year old normal teenager a tw...
How It Started - Camarry by xStybello
How It Started - Camarryby xStybello
A story about how Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony and Harry Styles of the all famous One Direction met and try to survive the rumors, the fame, their circumstances, the...
One Harmony by brittanycherryarmy
One Harmonyby brittanycherryarmy
When Fifth Harmony falls in love with one direction what happens between them