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top!caregiver! seokjin (hyung line)
bottom!little! taehyung (jungkook, jimin)

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"jungkook, please eat your food," yoongi tried to reason, hoseok holding a spoon on front of the little, who only shook his head.


"kookie, eat your fwood! daddy's gonna be dwisappwointed!"

jungkook whipped his head to the side, to see taehyung with his arms crossed, a pout on his lips as he looked at jungkook sternly.

jungkook's bottom lip wobbled at the thought of his hyungs being disappointed, and before they knew it, he was sobbing.

seokjin gasped at his little, putting down the spoon in his own hand as he turned taehyung to face him while jungkook's caregivers tried to calm the boy down, jimin and namjoon staring at them.

"kim taehyung, apologize to jungkook, now, please. you shouldn't have yelled at kookie. you're older, i expected you to have more patience,"seokjin glared sternly, taehyung's frown softening as his eyes got glossy but he wiped them, refusing to cry.

"b-but i-i didn't mean to, i was jus' tryna make kookie eat his fwood..."

seokjin gave him a look, and taehyung sniffled, turning to jungkook, who was just pouting now,"sowwy, kookie."

jungkook stuck out his tongue, going by unnoticed by the other caregivers as he muttered a soft,"meanie,"at taehyung.

taehyung's eyes widened, his brows furrowing as he tried to scold jungkook, but was interrupted by hoseok getting jungkook fed with a soft ,"ahh~"

taehyung pouted, his eyes glossing over as he looked away from the man.

"tae? taehyung?"

taehyung looked over to seokjin, who was staring at the boy, eyes with worry,"what's wrong, you spaced out for a while. you know what you did was wrong, right?"

taehyung looked away and nodded absentmindedly, heart dark as he fekt the urge to cry.

but jimin was watching him in curiousity, and he didn't want to make himself seem stupid in front of the mentally younger.

he shook his head, smiling a bit,"y-yup, daddy. i-i know. 'm sowwy."

seokjin smiled,his phone ringing, "good, now eat your food,okay? daddy has to pick this up."

taehyung frowned as seokjin left the room, and he stared at the bowl with a spoon in it, and suddenly, his appitite disappeared.

he got up, pushing away his chair quietly, so as to not disturb the rest.

silently he left the room with his heavy heart, the caregivers of his fellow littles not noticing.

taehyung shut the door of his own room, he barely used it as he usually slept with seokjin, and slumped onto the bed.

he thought back to jungkook, and pouted tearily.

it's not fair, i was just trying to help! why did daddy get mad at me?

kookie's mean!!

then he shook his head, kookie's younger than you, tae! you gotta be nice.

taehyung sniffled, he hated it, why did he have to be the eldest? just for that, he had to let jungkook and jimin have their ways?

it wasn't fair!

he always did as jungkook, the more bossy one, said because he wanted jungkook to be satisfied.

he always gave jimin, the more quiet one who all the caregivers loved to coo over, whatever he wanyed because he wanted jimin to be happy.

what did he get in return?

constant scoldings because he wasn't being 'mature' enough even though he wasn't the one throwing a tantrum over not getting to play with the toys he wanted.

small punishments because he was creating 'trouble' even though he wasn't the one doodling on the wall just because he was bored.

taehyung sniffled, he didn't get it.

why was it always his fault?

he gave jimins cuddles when he felt sad, and yet when he himself was upset, no one noticed.

maybe it was because taehyung didn't want to be looked down on by the two.

he played with jungkook when he wanted to, and yet when taehyung was bored, the two never played with him.

he wanted cuddles too, he wanted to play with someone too.

a tear fell down taehyung's cheek as a choked sound erupted from his dry throat, and he sobbed out.


louder cries left his red lips, the immense need of being cuddles and kissed filling his heart more as he stuffed his face against the pillow.

he wanted his...


was he feeling littler? it couldn't be, he had been five for so long already.

"d-daddy..!"he exclaimed out louder, this time, but no one came and he cried harder.

taehyung fisted the sheets tightly, as he curled up into a small ball, making himself look smaller.


everything was silent for a while, apart from taehyung's soft cries, then the door slammed open, scaring taehyung.

"taehyung!" seokjin worridly yelled, launching at taehyung who curled up more.

"what's wrong, bub? i told you to eat, didn't i?"

taehyung nodded softly, eyes teary as he looked at seokjin,"so what's wrong, baby?"

taehyung sniffled,"w-wasn't hungwy, daddy."

seokjin cooed,"is baby littler? why are you crying?"

taehyung balled his fists,"j-jus- taetae's stwessed, daddy! t-taetae- taetae wanted kookie to play wif' him an-an' jimin to give taetae twoy! b-but- but taetae cwan't, daddy'll be- be m-m-mad... at taetae..."

seokjin gaped, but before he could reply, taehyung interrupted.

"j-jus' becwause taetae's older, d-don't mwean jiminie and kookie can- can do that! taetae wanna play too, taetae wanna cud-cuddlwe too, but no one cwares! n-no- no one c-cwares..."

he was sobbing again by then, and seokjin hugged him, whispering sweet nothings to calm him down before muttering in his ear.

"baby, why didn't you say so? if daddy knew, he would've made minnie and kookiw play with you more--"

"minnie's cute, so taetae wanna make him happy. so gotta do what he wants...to make then h-happy, and daddy too.."

seokjin pulled taehyung to himself, "aw, baby... you know you don't have to always do that, right, baby?"

"you're so good to your brothers, taehyung..."

"but you're still my little boy, okay? if you're not comfortable with something, don't force yourself. daddy loves you,"seokjin pecked his cheek, taehyung turning a light shade of red as he suppressed his giggles.

"o-okay, daddy."

seokjin smiled, then frowned,"so taehyung, what did kookie say to you, just now?"

taehyung pouted, looking to the ground.

"k-kookie's bad, he said i'm a meanie!"

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