Chapter 6 iAm So Frustrated

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Keeley sat in front of her laptop and rubbed her hands together with an evil glint in her eye. "Time for a little payback, Casanova." On her way home from work, she had concocted a plan to humiliate Talon. She was targeting the two things Shawn said he would care about. Keeley just hoped there wouldn't be any backfire from it.

She logged onto a website that would send an anonymous text message to any cell phone she wanted. Keeley entered in Talon's phone number and typed a message.

Hey baby! Don't beat yourself up over last night. Lots of guys can't get it up. Erectile dysfunction is more common than you think. I hope the penis pump you bought will help your "problem". No hard feelings! XOXO

Talon's cell phone beeped with the message and Keeley quickly opened it. Earlier, she had looked through his contacts and saw he had a group called "Football Bros". There were about thirty-five numbers and she forwarded the fake text to the whole group. Then a minute later, she sent another text to all of them, pretending it was from Talon.

Shit! FW that by accident. She's just joking around. Haha. That really didn't happen. I swear. Totally banged the chick.

'Let's see how you explain that to all your friends,' Keeley thought with a grin. She had purposely made him sound guilty so the other football players would believe the first text. Keeley turned the phone on vibrate and threw it in her desk drawer, not wanting to be near it when Talon realized what happened.

Keeley skipped downstairs with Tucker right on her heels with a squeaky toy hanging out of his mouth. Her dad was in the family room, sitting in his recliner chair, watching television. She flopped down on the couch and grabbed the toy in Tucker's mouth.

"Hey kiddo. How was your first day at work?" her dad asked her with mild interest, his eyes not straying from the television screen.

"It was okay. Pretty hectic," Keeley admitted while playing tug-of-war with Tucker. She decided against mentioning her problem with Van. If her father thought Keeley was being untreated unfairly, he would up in arms to protect her. However, Keeley didn't want anyone fighting her battles for her. She needed to handle Van on her own.

A commercial came on and her father turned his full attention on her. "Maybe you shouldn't be working there. School is starting soon and you don't need the distraction," her father suggested.

"I need the money Dad. Europe won't pay for itself," she reminded him. Tucker finally submitted the toy and Keeley threw it across the room and down the hall. The dog bounded after it, his tail wagging vigorously.

He sighed loudly. "I don't like it Keeley. Two eighteen-year-old girls alone in Europe? It's like a missing persons report waiting to happen." Her parents had been against the idea from the beginning. Last night, Keeley fought long and hard for them to finally accept her plans. The only way they agreed to the trip was if they had a detailed itinerary beforehand and if she promised to call everyday.

"We'll be fine," she cajoled. "Stop being such a worrywart." Tucker brought his toy back to her and she threw it again.

Her father shot her a look. "It's my job to worry. I'm your father," he said gruffly. "I'd feel better if Zach went with you."

Keeley rolled her eyes. "What's Zach going to do?" Keeley asked with exasperation. "Carry our bags?"

"He'd protect you!" her father protested.

Keeley scoffed. "He'd be too busy flirting with Italian girls. Besides, I can take care of myself." She looked around for Tucker but didn't see any sign of him.

Frustrated, her father ran his hands through his hair. He thought a few moments before saying, "How about I make you a deal? I'll pay for your trip if Zach accompanies you."

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