Chapter 2 iWish I Never Picked Up

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At around three am her phone started ringing, jerking her awake. Thinking it was her brother asking for a designated driver, she answered grumpily, "The sex better have been worth waking me up."

There was a slight pause before a husky voice said, "Now that sounds like something I'd like to hear more about."

Keeley bolted upright, knowing that voice definitely did not belong to her brother. Her brother's voice wasn't as deep or sexy as this person. She glanced at the screen. It said 'Unknown Caller'. Quickly, she placed the phone back to her ear. "Who is this?" she demanded. Tucker noticed her distress and stood up, getting ready to protect his owner.

"The owner of the phone you are holding," the deep voice drawled.

"What?" Keeley asked confused. She had gotten so caught up listening to his voice that she hadn't comprehended his words.

"You have my phone," the voice stated firmly.

"No, I don't. This is my phone," Keeley insisted. She had placed her black phone next to her before she went to sleep. She knew it was her phone. Keeley started petting Tucker, trying to soothe his uneasiness.

"Look through the phone you are holding. It's not yours," the sexy voice demanded.

Keeley did as she was told. The background was a picture of a blonde bikini model lying over the hood of a red car. Definitely not her phone. Keeley felt her mouth curl into a scowl. Typical male objectifying and exploiting women. "That's a disgusting photo," she remarked to the caller.

"Trust me baby doll, to every heterosexual male it's sexy as hell," he informed her.

Keeley scoffed. "It's degrading! It transforms women into sexual objects!" she argued.

"It's not like she was forced to take the photo. Shouldn't you be busting her balls and not mine?" he asked her.

"It's because of people like you that there is a market for these chauvinistic photos!"

"Calm down. Stop getting your panties in a twist, baby doll," the voice drawled.

Keeley took a sharp intake of breath. "Excuse me?" she asked in outrage. "Who the hell do you think you are?" This boy was incredibly arrogant and rude!

"I already answered that question. The owner of the phone you are holding," the voice replied dryly.

Keeley growled in frustration. "How did I get your phone? And who has mine?" she demanded.

"Well if your phone has a picture of a brown dog then I have yours," he said.

"That's Tucker," Keeley informed him. The dog's ears perked up when she said his name. "How did this happen? I had it the whole time-" she stopped mid-sentence remembering when she lost it. "Did you happen to be sitting at the eating area at the fair tonight?" she cringed as she asked the question.

"Yeah, I did," the voice confirmed. "Let me guess, we somehow ended up swapping phones?" he ventured.

"Yup." She flopped back in her bed with a grunt.

"You are not on the toilet right now are you?" the voice asked.

"What? No!" Keeley cried indignantly. "God, who asks that?! I'm in my bed."

"Oh. In that case, please tell me more. And please include the details like what exactly you are wearing," his husky voice dropped an octave.

"Perv," she muttered with disgust under her breath. "That's incredibly inappropriate. How do you know I'm not some forty year old married woman?"

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