Chapter 15 iMay Have Overreacted

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"Alright, pens and pencils down everyone," Mrs. Wilson declared, "and pass your papers forward."

Keeley set her pen down and looked at the paper in front of her. It was riddled with scratched out words and arrows. So much for English being her best subject. She could barely string two words together; much less write a short essay. With a small sigh of frustration, she handed her essay to the girl in front of her. The girl glanced at Keeley's paper and raised a single eyebrow in a patronizing manner before turning back around. Guess she wasn't impressed by Keeley's essay either.

"Psst!" a voice hissed. "Keeley!"

She looked over at her best friend who was sitting next to her.

"How did you do?" Nicky whispered, once she caught Keeley's attention.

Keeley made a show of wrinkling her nose in contempt.

"That bad?"

Keeley nodded. Her eyes darted to Mrs. Wilson. Good. She was busy collecting the papers so she wouldn't notice them talking. "I don't know what's wrong with me," Keeley complained in hushed tones. "My brain seems to have shut down."

"Big surprise," Nicky muttered under her breathe.

Keeley's eyes narrowed slightly. "What does that mean?"

"Just that for the past couple of days you've seemed..." Nicky hesitated, "distracted."

"No, I haven't!" Keeley exclaimed loudly.

The girl in front of Keeley whipped around and gave her an icy glare.

"Sorry," Keeley quickly whispered before turning back to Nicky. "I haven't been distracted," she repeated in a low voice.

Nicky rolled her eyes. "At lunch yesterday, you walked right into the cafeteria door because you were too busy staring at your phone. Not to mention all the times you've zoned out while I've been talking to you. Half the time I have to repeat what I said."

Keeley winced. Okay, so maybe she had been distracted. But who could blame her? It was Friday and she hadn't heard one annoying peep out of Talon. Zip! Zero! Nothing! Not that she wanted to hear from him of course, but still! Shouldn't he at least be apologizing for drunk dialing her?

Keeley clenched her hand to form a tight ball. She shouldn't even be obsessing about him. She had better things to think about like her visit with Brent. He had emailed her back Wednesday night, saying he was looking forward to her visit. He was going to pick her up at the train station Saturday morning and drop her off Sunday night.

Her heart sped up at the thought. She was so excited for her visit! Yesterday, she and Nicky went to the mall and spent hours searching for the perfect clothes to bring. She ended up buying two new tops and a gorgeous sundress. She hoped it would catch Brent's eye.

"See? You're doing it right now," Nicky accused. "I know you're excited about your visit with Brent this weekend, but seriously, get it together! You're giving me a complex."

"I'm sorry," she murmured apologetically, feeling guilty for not giving Nicky her full attention.

Nicky eyed her a few seconds and then sniffed, "Well, I'll accept your apology on one condition."

"Anything," Keeley said solemnly, trying to keep a straight face.

"You have to buy me a large double chunk chocolate chip cookie from Cookie Crazy."

The corners of Keeley's mouth twitched in amusement. "Only one?"

Nicky loved those cookies. She could eat five in one sitting and not get sick, which was saying something. Those cookies were huge. They were they size of a small grapefruit.

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