Chapter 27 iAm Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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"The game hasn't even started yet. Calm down," Nicky said, putting a hand on Keeley's knee. "You keep twitching like that and people are going to think you're on something."

"I can't help it." She jiggled her other leg, expelling some of the energy building up inside of her. Every minute that passed increased her anxiety. It didn't help that the football stands were jammed pack. She couldn't move without getting trampled. Her toes could attest to that fact. They were already starting to turn black and blue.

She watched as people passed by, proudly wearing their school colors. And it wasn't just the students either—parents, teachers...hell, even the mayor was outfitted in Edgewood's blue and white. There was everything from t-shirts to bandanas to face paint. It looked like the whole town showed up for this game, ready to cheer their hearts out.

Her eyes travelled to the opposite side. Sitting in the visitor bleachers was the Crosswell fans. They were just as patriotic, their side a sea of green and gold. It went to show how widespread this rivalry went. To Zach and Talon it might be personal, but to everyone else it was a chance to rally around their community and support their high schools.  

At the far end of the field near the gold post, she could make out the Crosswell players. They were warming up—stretching and passing the ball. She tried to look for Talon's number, but they were too far away. Pulling out her phone, she sent him quick text, wishing him good luck. Although she sat at her brother's side, she still supported Talon. She refused to pick one over the other.

"I don't see why you're so nervous. It's just a game," Nicky commented.

Normally, she'd agree with her, but not this time. "You saw Zach. He's itching for a fight."

Nicky waved her hand at the field. "The refs would interfere before blood started flying," she paused, "or clothes."

"And that's supposed to make me feel better?" She didn't want anyone to end up in the emergency room.

"I know," she said with a sigh. She patted her jacket. "It's a shame, but I brought my camera just in case."


She looked up, her eyes wide. "Those pictures could go for a lot of money on the black market."

"Maybe we should have that talk about where you've been spending your time..."

"Speaking of talks..." She angled her body away from the field and towards Keeley. "Don't you think it's a tiny bit suspicious how Talon acted today?"

"A little," Keeley admitted with a nod. "But he knows I don't like going to parties and would feel uncomfortable if I went."

Nicky rolled her eyes. "I'm not even going to touch on that landmine. I'm talking about the stunt he pulled with Monty and then sticking around to see you."

"So?" she asked, humoring her. She didn't see anything wrong with him waiting for her. In fact, she found it romantic. No guy had ever made such an effort to be with her.

"He could have gotten in serious trouble if he'd been caught." When Keeley didn't respond, Nicky huffed and went on, "So, why the hell did he take the chance to stick around and wait fifteen minutes for you, instead of getting the heck out of there?"

Keeley stared at her best friend. She was serious. A part of her wondered if she was creating problems for the sole reason of not liking Talon. Nicky did have a tendency to go on tangents when she didn't get her way. "Are you saying I'm not worth it?" She crossed her arms over her chest. "Because if I remember correctly that was one your gripes about Dillion—how he didn't appreciate me enough."

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