Chapter 11 iNeed To Apologize

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Keeley woke up on her stomach, with her head turned to the side, and her hands buried underneath her. She groggily rubbed her head against the pillow, wiping the drool off her face. She stopped suddenly when her skin encountered something hard and cold. Disorientated, she slowly opened her eyes and came face to face with Talon’s phone. “What the-” she mumbled, just as her stomach let out a loud growl. Last nights events came rushing back to her and she groaned in embarrassment. How the hell could she fall asleep while talking to Talon?

She lifted her head and looked at her alarm clock on her bed stand. Holy crap! It was seven in the morning. That meant she had been asleep for nearly twelve hours! She glanced down at her clothes and cringed. She hadn’t even managed to change into her pajamas.

The phone beeped indicating a text and Keeley warily picked it up. Only one person would be texting her this early in the morning, and quite frankly, she wasn’t sure she wanted to talk to him after last night. It was one think to banter with him everyday; it was a whole nother thing to fall asleep on him while talking on the phone.

Do you know that you snore excessively loud? –T

Keeley stared at his words in horror and felt her cheeks start to warm. “I do not snore!” she yelled at the phone as if he could hear her. What a jerk for making up something like that!

Damn! So, you weren’t just a figment of my imagination?! –Keeley

Please, baby doll. You couldn’t dream up something as awesome as me. –T

You’re right. When I dreamed about you, you were a lot less infuriating and a lot more charming. –Keeley

Ahhh, so you do admit you were dreaming about me ;) –T

Keeley’s jaw dropped. She did not dream about him nor would she ever! The boy was infuriating. Absolutely infuriating. Why was he even texting her so early in the morning?

Grrr! You know some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it’s a brighter day. –Keeley

Do you always use insults to mask your true feelings? Don’t be afraid, Keeley. Embrace your love for me ;)  –T

“Love?” Keeley sputtered in disbelief. “Love?!” What the hell was he on because she could barely stand him, let alone love him. “Egotistical, conceited bastard,” she mumbled while typing a reply.

Do you always have to make everything about you? –Keeley

Changing the topic? Is this another tactic you use to hide behind? –T

Unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything. –Keeley

I’ll take that as a yes. No need to be so defensive, baby doll. Just wanted to see how you were doing after yesterday. – T

Keeley felt a pang of guilt. That was the reason why he was texting her? He had been checking up on her? Damn it. Now she felt like a bitch. When did Talon become so nice and, dare she say, thoughtful? Her thumbs hovered over the virtual keyboard, poised to type a response but her mind went blank. What could she possibly say to that? Not knowing what to do, she typed the first thing that came to mind.

Thanks. Gotta go. Have to feed the dog. –Keeley

She grimaced as she pressed the send button. Really? Have to feed the dog? That was the best she could do? Talon must have thought the same thing because seconds later, his response popped up, echoing her thoughts.

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