Chapter 18 iLike Him

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She ignored whoever was calling her name and flew out of the house as if it was on fire. She ran down the dimly lit steps and hurried past the crowd hanging out on the front lawn. The chilly night nipped her skin, but she welcomed the feeling. Maybe it would numb her heart.

She continued to run, not knowing where she was going, but quite frankly, she didn't care. All she knew was that she needed to get away. Far, far away. She jogged past one house, then two, then three-not stopping till she was four blocks away and out of breath.

Gasping for air, she collapsed onto a nearby bench, still stunned by what she had witnessed. Brent and the blonde-haired girl up against a wall. Talon and the redhead flirting on the couch. Jesus! What in the world was in the beer at that party? Crushed up Viagra?

An overwhelming sense of betrayal rushed through Keeley. How could they do that to her, especially Brent? He was the one who made a big deal about sticking by his side at all times. How could he hold her hand and then five minutes later make out with some blonde bimbo? He was such a hypocrite!

Had they even noticed that she had left? Probably not. Most likely, they were too busy making out with those girls. She bet Talon was enjoying the redhead, reveling in her attention. Knowing him, he had probably already made his move on her. Keeley felt her eyes prickle as she imagined him gently cupping the girl's jaw and drawing her mouth down to meet his in a heated kiss.

Oh god.

Keeley tried to push the image away, but it stayed firmly planted in her mind. All she could see was Talon's mouth moving against the redheads, slowly at first, and then becoming more wild and passionate as seconds passed.

Keeley drew in a ragged breath, trying to release some of the pressure in her chest. She needed to stop thinking about Talon and the redhead. What did it even matter? It wasn't any of her business who Talon made out with. All of a sudden she remembered that afternoon and how he had kissed her neck. Was he going to kiss the same spot on that girl? Was he going to do more?

Oh god.

Were they going to have $ex? Was Brent going to have $ex?

The thought made Keeley nauseous.

Tears began to gather in the corner of her eyes, blurring her vision. Why had she even decided come on this stupid trip? She would have been better off at home, curled up reading a good book with Tucker.

"Keeley!" a familiar voice rumbled in the distance. "Keeley! Where are you?"

"Talon?" she croaked in disbelief. He was standing fifteen feet away from her, looking around franticly. His blonde hair was mussed and he was breathing heavily as if he had been running.

It took him less than three seconds before he spotted her. He marched over, his expression thunderous. "Did you not hear me calling your name? I've been running after you since you left the house!" he growled, a tinge of panic seeping through.

"You followed me?" she whispered hoarsely. Did that mean he hadn't made out with the redhead? A slight ray of hope peeked through her darkened mood.

"Of course I followed you! And what the hell are you even doing out here?" The level of his voice rose with each word he said till he was shouting. His body was so tense, Keeley could practically see the anger rolling off.

Why was he upset? She hadn't asked him to follow her out of the party and ditch the redhead. Realization washed over Keeley, dashing any hope she previously had. Of course. He was angry because he just lost his chance with the girl. Her throat burned at the thought.

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