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As soon as the frigid water made contact with the dark prince's body he felt the waves getting stronger and stronger, he struggled to catch his breath as the impact was fast, despite that he knew he needed to find his brother, he flapped his arms around as he tried to get through the current, he could feel his head spinning but shrugged it off, he had to find Thor.

"Brother!" He shouted through the violent waters yet no one answered "Thor!"

He soon heard water splashing everywhere and so he turned his head a few feet away and saw his brother struggling to catch some air, of course he knew that, like he said, the thunder god barely knew how to swim. Gathering all his strength he fought against the current that was pushing him the other direction, the open wound on his thigh and side didn't help at all as he felt it aching even more, as much as he wanted to heal it he knew he needed to save seidr for him and Thor.

He used his arms to push him towards his brother who was starting to get tired by flapping his arms out and about.

"I've got you, brother." Loki breathed out the moment he got hold of Thor's shoulders, the crown prince couldn't hide his relief the moment he saw his brother "Hold my hand and listen to me, for once."

Thor nodded as he held out his shaking hands to his brother, Loki didn't know why he wasn't bothered by the cold at the time but it sure was helpful, Thor tried to pull his hands out from his brother's grip because of how he was struggling to stay afloat but Loki held onto it tightly

"No, look at me, brother." He demanded sternly that caused the older one to look at him while shaking, the younger prince saw this and held his hands tighter to at least give him comfort and assurance "Stay calm, use your feet, I will try to do the rest, alright?"

"Y-you're shot.." Thor mumbled as he saw the blood pooling behind his brother, Loki knew that alright, he could feel the nausea, he was a few minutes away from dozing off but he can't do that "Heal y-yourself.."

Loki shook his head as he looked at his wound, he held his brother's hand tighter as the golden prince started to feel the coldness lessen, as soon as he felt this he realized what it was, his brother was using his seidr to keep him warm which he didn't find necessary

"Stop that, heal yourself." Thor said as soon as he felt warmness take over his body, Loki opened his eyes as they both fought against the strong wave, Thor looked up at the bridge and was able to picture some Einherjar along with Heimdall and his friends "General Tyr will come soon with a vessel, I will survive, brother, mind yourself."

Loki shook his head firmly once more as a large wave hit him "No, we must stay afloat, if I heal myself I will lose energy, using our own strength against the current will do nothing, we might drown before General Tyr comes."

"Then you shouldn't have warmed me up then, it would save you the energy for yourself."

The dark prince stared at his brother and scoffed "And let you die of hypothermia? I think not."

Thor knew he would not win the argument and decided to stay silent, he stared at his brother whose eyes were starting to fall, his lips turning pale along with his natural complexion, he started to panic as he shook his brother to keep him awake.

"Hold on, don't close your eyes brother. Help is coming soon."  As soon as those words left the eldest Odinson, he saw an Asgardian vessel from afar approaching them, he smiled as he did his best to keep his brother awake "They're here! Just hold on, I've got you."

"Sh-should've listened.." The dark prince slurred as he couldn't stop the dizziness and weight tugging on his eyes, he felt extremely weak as he used all of his seidr to keep them afloat and lessen the current. As soon as Thor felt his brother's grip on his hand begin to loosen he pulled it away and brought him closer to his chest, despite not being a good swimmer he reminded himself to stay calm for the sake of his brother that was obviously tired doing everything, he waved his hands at the vessel so they could see them and come faster which they did.

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