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Loki slowly walked away from the scene and into the other spare room which wasn't destroyed, it had a large window that showed the scenery although they were clearly in the air. He thought of how even doing the kindest of things, people just still looks for his flaws, he wondered who would come at him next.

"You could've taken her down easily." Wanda suddenly mused as the prince turned around to see the woman leaning on the door frame

He simply chuckled before shaking his head, she sighed and closed the door behind them before slowly walking beside him with her arms crossed, she too stared through the window as she waited for the god to reply

"Where would the fun be in that?" Loki chuckled that made Wanda roll her eyes with a smile, even with someone trying to destroy him emotionally he still kept his composure

The sorceress sighed "But still, weren't you hurt? offended? both physically and emotionally I mean, what she said isn't what someone is supposed to hear."

"One of the few things I've learned is that when you have the ability to live long like us is that, you should take every insult in your way like a piece of dust, just shove it and throw it away, you either become strong or sensitive." He replied with a smile

"So does everyone you talk to sensitive or you're just rather good at it?" She joked that caused the god to chuckle

He shook her head with a smile "They don't call me the silver tongue for no reason, a wordsmith at best! especially when I'm in a gaming mood and not a glowing chaotic god, sounds fun right?"

Wanda chuckled and nodded "You're crazy."

"Thank you," Loki replied with a smirk as he glanced at the sorceress beside him

Suddenly he remembered about Thor talking to Wanda, what did they talk about? He had the urge to read her mind but that would be intrusive, yet when did he care about that? He figured it was because she's her friend, a true one at that and deep inside he knew she was worth keeping.

"So what did you and my brother talk about?" The god asked that made Wanda raise her eyebrows

She shrugged "Just some reminders about babysitting you."

The prince glared at the term 'babysitting' that made Wanda chuckle, though he knew it was true, she just wasn't being honest about all of it, there was more. He was about to say that she knew it's not the only thing they talked about but decided not to, so he nodded and kept it to himself, he'll probably find out soon enough.

"So what are we to do? After Thanos, I'm sure that this dramatic realm is purged from all evil." Wanda only shrugged at what the prince beside her said, it was kind of true, well there's still HYDRA but it would be too over the top to send a god after them, well maybe not, who knew? "Well there's still me but we all know you wouldn't be able to handle me."

The sorceress snorted as he gave her a small smirk "Oh please, you're like lawful evil now."

"And here I thought you would say I wasn't evil at all!" She could only laugh at his response as he himself tried not to laugh

Wanda shrugged "You would've known I was lying anyways."

They both smiled as she watched him lean on the oval-shaped window and stare out the sky, there was obviously nothing to see but he has his reasons "I can show you around, possibly train more in the tower since I heard that the rogues are coming back, and you can hang out as an avenger."

An avenger, the god still found it absurd, he was a powerful being, one that was even brought back from the dead, because apparently, he is a god. Still, he's a part of some Midgardian group dedicated to saving Earth, he didn't even know if they would be willing to help them if something happened to Asgard, which already happened but they didn't help (apart from Bruce) because they didn't know.

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