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Everyone was in a frenzy as soon as they realized that their resident god was missing. All of them started searching up and down the tower, Tony and Bruce were trying to look for him in the city cameras, there was a possibility that the god was out and if he was then maybe a camera caught sight of him.

Wanda was panicking inside, the first day with Loki in her care and he's already missing, what a piece of great news for Thor. Ash was with the others searching the rooms while Wanda was trying to use her powers to reach out to him but there was still nothing, she was growing frustrated.

"Any luck there, Wanda?" Natasha asked as she checked on the sorceress

She sighed, "No, I'm not sure it's working the way it's supposed to."

Natasha simply nodded and flashed her a smile, "Don't be too frustrated at it, just try looking around, the top floors haven't been checked yet, I'm going to the lower ones with Clint."

"Then I'll go up."

She walked towards the elevator abandoning the idea of finding him through magic, he was the best at it, she was sure he could evade her if he wanted to. FRIDAY already confirmed that the Tower had no sign of the Asgardian but they needed to take precautions since they just learned that Loki can basically trick the system. He can make it seem like he isn't present but there might be a possibility that he is, Wanda sighed internally, what did she expect? He's the Trickster.

She checked each floor as thoroughly as she could but her luck was starting to run out. If she could only turn the place upside down to make it all easier. The last place she needed to go was the rooftop which she doesn't normally go to. She waited as the elevator took her up, her foot tapping anxiously on the steel ground.

When it opened, the sight before her made her sigh in relief and blood boil. The trickster god was sitting on the edge of the rooftop, his legs dangling while he sat comfortably, his hair being blown back by the wind. She sighed before turning the comms on,

"I've got him. He's on the rooftop."

She heard multiple groans on the other end before she finally found herself walking towards the god, she was irritated but her heart rate surely came back to normal. The moment she was in front of him, she couldn't help but slap him hard on his toned biceps but probably did nothing to him, still, it was worth an effort on her side.

"You have no idea how worried we were!" Wanda exclaimed, "We thought you were in trouble or causing one!"

Loki stood up slowly, a lollipop in his mouth as he turned to face the sorceress, the elevation from where he was sitting just made it harder for her. She was basically facing the god's torso, not to mention his shirt was raised a bit that showed off his toned and evident v-line which she tried very hard to ignore.

"Oh, I could hear all your scrambling." He retorted before hopping down and walking to the other end, it only irritated Wanda even more since it looked like he doesn't care. "Not to mention the sudden fear and ounce of worry you all emitted, sweet really."

"Loki, you can't just disappear without a trace!" Wanda replied, "You're part of a team now! You can't just work and keep everything to yourself!"

The other Avengers started to show up, Tony and Bruce were both breathing heavily as they caught up with the fast runners. At that moment Loki saw her, the dirty blonde-haired woman who was trying to catch her breath, in an instant she knew her purpose and it only made him smirk. He took out the lollipop from his mouth and slowly moved towards Wanda who was staring at her confusedly;

"You say that as if you live up to your own words." He hissed before throwing the lollipop on the ground, his eyes settling on the new woman.

Wanda's heart started pounding as she followed his gaze, Ash was confused but everyone knew they were dead. The sorceress' eyes went back to him as her heart raced, she was supposed to tell him in a calmer manner, not like this.

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