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Wakanda was in ruins as everyone fought for dominance, the arrival of Thor shifted the odds back to the Avengers as they wiped out half of Thanos' aliens

"Where do they come from?!" Captain America shouted over the comms as he spartan kicked one of the aliens, Thor could be seen on the other side along with Groot and Rocket "Do they have a mother ship?!"

"It's outside of Wakanda's field!" Panther answered, his groan being heard from the comms "They are distracting us from Thanos!"

"Thor! have you seen Thanos?!" Steve shouted over to the god who just struck lightning at a bunch of aliens

Thor was breathing heavily before looking over to his friend "He used the space stone right before I was going to use stormbreaker against him on the field, these aliens kept me at bay."

Steve cursed internally as he tried to find some of his teammates, he saw Bruce struggling to get ahold of the Hulkbuster so he ran with all his strength and fended off the one on top of him, he held out his hand as Bruce used it to stand up

"You think you can go up the lab?" Steve asked

"What for?" Bruce ducked as Steve threw his shield across him and hit three aliens, the shield went back as Bruce stood up again "I will never understand the physics of that shield."

Steve let out a stifled laugh before glancing over to the lab "Help Shuri get the mind stone off,"

Bruce nodded and was immediately swept of the ground by Falcon, Bruce started to shout as he looked at the height beneath him

"Steve you son of a bitch!" Steve chuckled before fighting again

Thor was enraged in the battle, he never missed a target as he let out all of his rage, he was too mad that he felt like crying but like the god he is, he suppressed it.

Loki would laugh in your face if you cried.

He knew he wasn't only doing this to save the world, he was doing this for Loki, his little brother he loved from the start and the same brother he lost, he was swallowed by madness that he hadn't realized he was being way to brutal, using his own bare hands to punch the aliens, his punch was too strong that it would actually go right through them, alien blood on his hands and he didn't care,

"Woah calm down there big guy." Natasha was right beside him shooting all the aliens "You seem so mad."

Thor used his strength not to get irritated and simply shot her a gentle look "I have lost too much, I am not going anywhere lest I kill Thanos and everyone that swore fealty to him."

Natasha wasn't dumb, she knew what exactly the god was talking about and for a moment she calmed down and plastered a soft and small smile

"My condolences," Natasha simply said

Thor hated the word but somehow it woke him up to the truth, his brother was dead and the last thing he said was that he was the worst, he gave Natasha a small smile before nodding off

"He didn't deserve it." Was the only thing Thor said before going into battle once more

Everyone was starting to get exhausted, the aliens never seemed to stop, they didn't know how to get to the mother ship and destroy it without leaving Wakanda defenseless, even though Steve hated to admit it he really wished that Tony was here, he thought how he could've blown it off with one simple blast

Thanos was on his way to get the mind stone, they didn't know if he would get it but they knew that they'd fight for it, Wanda suddenly emerged as she held out her palms and the red gas started to linger from her fingers

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