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The laughter and chattering were heard as soon as they stepped foot at the dining hall, Thor wore a proud smile as he kept his arms slumped around his little brother's shoulders, Loki kept himself composed as best as he could and flashed that charming smile he always had ever since they were children, Thor sat on the left side of T'Challa as Loki sat beside Thor himself, they all noticed the presence of the two and began asking how their day was.

Loki had let Thor handle all of the talking as he focused on eating silently, he knew no one would notice seeing as how he was always like this even when they were back on Asgard, what he failed to consider was that they didn't actually know who he was and what he usually does and it seemed that being quiet and unsociable at the table either meant you have a problem or you're just simply mad about something,

"Are you alright, Prince Loki?" T'Challa asked in a well-mannered tone as he shot the younger prince a look of concern while cutting through his steak,

Loki nodded and gave a fake smile "I'm perfectly fine your majesty."

Thor nodded along as he chewed the large portion of steak before swallowing it, he gave Loki a gentle pat on the back before speaking up

"Loki is normally like this which should be a good sign," Thor added and flashed his little brother a small smile before continuing to chew his food

Loki fakely smiled back as he thought to himself again, no one should know. He was already fine with the atmosphere on the table although it's still quite tense between Tony and Steve, flashing his one-sided smile it did the job of reassuring everybody that he was 'fine'.

As soon as everybody was full, the servants made their way to dispose of the leftovers and clear the table for their so-called "meeting" which was so rudely interrupted by the dispute between the Captain and Man of Iron yesterday. T'Challa sat regally on the head of the table as he cleared his throat to capture everyone's attention, all of their heads turned to the Wakandan King who  had a look of seriousness plastered across his face

"I believe we are here to continue the discussion we had yesterday." T'Challa started as he slowly faced Tony who was now raising an eyebrow at him "What of the Vision?"

Wanda slightly tensed at the mention of his former lover's name, Loki slowly trailed his eyes towards the woman sitting in front of him and saw how uncomfortable the subject made her. He used it as a distraction from his own problems as both their eyes met, the young prince gave the witch a reassuring smile as she seemed to appreciate it, she returned it back as the tension on her shoulder sunk,

Tony sighed "Let's say I failed."

"Let's say you didn't." Peter Parker interjected, he didn't like the way that Tony blamed it on himself that Vision was now dead, he knew that his mentor would never stop carrying the world on his shoulder so it's either that or just help him carry it which is what the teenager was exactly doing "I-I mean Mr. Stark obviously didn't fail, we know that we could've done it but the risk was too high. Jarvis is back though so I guess that's progress."

T'Challa's eyes landed on the nervous teen who immediately avoided his gaze as he felt sweat trickling from the side of his face, he felt embarrassed.

Is it rude for a teen to speak in a conversation? Or is it against their customs to speak unless spoken to? Or did I just say something wro-

"You are right Mr. Parker," The teen's eyes widened as he looked over at the King who had a small smile on the side of his face "We all know that failure is one of the things Mr. Stark is not good at. You have no need to be nervous, you're an Avenger, therefore, you have a right in this conversation and those to come. You have courage, child."

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