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Two days had passed since Loki lost consciousness, Shuri assured the King of Asgard that his brother was fine, she told him that his brother needed rest because of the over fatigue and stress he went through. The young princess also suggested that they move their leave which Thor agreed to discuss with his brother, they were supposed to leave for New Asgard tomorrow but it seems like they'll need to reschedule.

"He lost quite a bit of blood so he'll need time to recover," Shuri told the god beside her who was staring at his brother

Thor nodded before seeing a bag of blood they got from him "And the transfusion? Did it work?"

"That's the fun part," The princess couldn't hide her smile as she revealed a live hologram of his blood and Loki's blood, her smile grew wide as she motioned to the blood of the two gods, "You see, since your brother here is a Jotun and you're Asgardian, we thought that this transfusion wouldn't work, but somehow you broke science itself."

Thor scrunched his eyebrows before looking at the teenager beside him confusedly, he hardly knew anything about science, he had to admit that he regretted boycotting his classes just to train and hunt since now he absolutely knew nothing about what the girl beside her was saying.

"It means that the transfusion was successful!" Tony Stark exclaimed as he came walking in with his classic suit and tie along with his signature red glasses "Your blood became compatible with your brother's so congratulations on that."

Now knowing why the god grew even more confused "But how?"

"That's what she meant when she said you broke science itself, mean swing." The billionaire explained before patting his friend on the shoulder "Looks like it has something to do with his magic or whatever your dad did to make him like you guys."

Thinking it all over the king could only nod, he then began to notice the change in his friend's appearance, he wasn't wearing that Wakandan shirt and jacket anymore and he looked like he was going somewhere, his suspicion was confirmed when the young Peter Parker followed suit wearing something casual along with his backpack while Rhodey was carrying one too.

"You're leaving, friend Stark?" Thor asked as the young boy gave him a small wave

Tony shrugged "I don't intend to be the bearer of bad news but yes, we're going back to New York because apparently I have a fiancé to come home to and this kid's aunt right here is going to kill me if I don't bring him back soon."

"Also we have no idea what happened over there while we were gone so, we'll find that out," Rhodey added as Tony nodded

Despite the sadness, Thor knew he had to smile which he did as he gave his friend a tight hug, it shocked the billionaire but returned it soon enough, as they finished their hug, the god gave the young boy beside his friend a brief pat before smiling at him.

"You'll make a great hero." Peter couldn't hide the happiness in his eyes as he smiled from ear to ear at the praise he received from the God of Thunder himself

"T-Thank you, Mr. Thor." Was the young boy's short reply "Thank you too, Shuri."

The princess smiled before giving him the traditional Wakandan salute that Peter returned as well, Rhodey gave the god a small pat before motioning to his unconscious brother who's on the bed.

"Tell your brother our regards, we need one of our big guns to recover, you know what I mean?" Rhodey told him

Thor furrowed his eyebrows "I do not understand."

"It means that your brother is one of us now, he's an Avenger so that means he's part of our family, he turned this around, what do you expect?" Thor's eyes widened as he heard those words escape his friend's mouth.

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