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As planned, Loki and Wanda went to the lab as she gave her deepest apologies to the scientists. Loki helped and decided to heal the one she strangled and said that it was an apology from her which they all accepted gratefully, Wanda decided to say sorry to Bruce too and he simply said thank you and was glad that the Hulk was a bit cowardly at the moment.

Soon as dawn kicked in Loki and Wanda decided to part ways and see each other on their dinner meeting that T'Challa had set, Loki also decided to tell Bruce about his invitation to have Wanda on board with them to New Asgard and in searching for some of the remaining survivors. Bruce didn't object and found it more helpful seeing as she also has powers and could probably give them aid in case anything happens. He was planning to find an opening to tell Thor about his plans on going to Jotunheim which he thought was a bad idea.

He didn't deny that he did have fun with his time in the presence of Wanda, although he found it disturbing at some point. He just became vulnerable in front of her awhile ago and he hadn't even noticed it until he already did it, the thought of opening up to someone besides Thor and his mother scared him. Plus the woman just had her heart broken and with all the people with malicious minds around here he thought it'd be a bad image, they'd all probably think how he was Wanda's replacement for Vision, they were just companions, or even friends if they've already reached that stage. He didn't know what to do with it as of the moment.

As soon as he reached his door — no. As soon as he reached Thor's door he decided to knock, at first, he didn't know why his feet brought him there but then he realized his motive of telling him about the whole Wanda coming with them thing.

"Thor! Open the blasted door!" Loki shouted as he banged at the black wooden door, no one answered but he did hear someone groan which would probably mean that Thor was asleep and he knew that there's no point on banging since the thunderer would never get up

He took it upon himself and teleported inside his room, he sighed as he saw that his guess didn't fail him. Thor was sprawled across the bed with the duvet lazily wrapped around his body, his arm was hanging from the side of the bed as were his leg, even in his sleep he seems to be a mess.

"Brother." Loki started as he kicked the thunderer's limp arm on the side "Talk to me or I'll sit on you."

That didn't sound right, but still, he didn't take it back as he waited for him to form a reply

Thor groaned "Leave me alone."

Loki rolled his eyes and sighed as he didn't hesitate to do what he said he would, he crawled to the bed and sat on the thunder god's back causing him to groan and Loki to smirk

"I can make myself heavier," Loki told him and decided to add more pressure

Thor started groaning and gasping for air which Loki simply chuckled at

"C-can't.. s-spea-"

"Sorry? What was that?" Loki sarcastically asked as the grin on his face grew wider and wider "I find this amusing."

Thor buried his face into the pillow and muttered something about Loki being a complete asshole sometimes, he turned his face sideways and sighed for dear life

"Ugh.." Thor groaned "I'm awake, get off me now."

Loki chuckled before standing up and walking towards his brother's nightstand where stormbreaker was leaning on, he raised an eyebrow at it and brushed his fingers along the uru metal of the ax, Thor groaned in the background before sitting up and leaning his head on the headboard of the bed, he slowly rubbed his eyes as the covers were draped around him lazily

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