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As soon as Wanda went out the door Loki immediately changed into some comfortable clothes, snapping and letting his whole armor disappear, he decided to have a little bath and to sleep afterward.

He laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, he had his arm under his head as he started playing with his newly found power, he felt more powerful than he was before, he knew it, for him it was like being able to do anything without even sparing an effort, he actually felt godly, like the Aesir he is (or thought to be). Although he knew not to lie to himself, he was no Aesir, yet he felt like he is. He felt the power although he could still feel more of it, untapped and waiting to be harnessed and used.

Loki wondered what would've happened if he had that power when Thanos strangled him to death, maybe he could've stopped him, maybe he could've done a better job rather than summoning a pathetic blade, he always knew he was more powerful than he is but lost hope once he saw what Thor could really do, he didn't feel envious like he usually did, for once he felt proud, a part of him wanted that power but after knowing the truth about him and who he was, he settled with the fact that he was just an ordinary frost giant.

Now he had the whole power of a god on the tip of his fingers, with his advanced level and knowledge of sorcery, he felt like he could control it yet in truth he knew he can't, it would take time and practice to really master his abilities, if he lose control and if what his father said was true about powerful dark magic flowing in him then destruction would happen. Despite all the power, he was feeling anxious, all of it came so quickly, and then he thought about its consequence.

He sighed before closing his eyes, he needed rest although it seemed like his power was rarely used, his physical body, on the other hand, was knackered, he then closed his eyes letting the darkness take over once more

"Loki.." He opened his eyes, he knew only one person who held that angelic voice, getting up from his sleep he smiled as he saw his mother with her arms opened wide

Like a child he ran into her arms and indulged in the feeling, her mother was visiting him in his dreams and he liked that idea very much, they seemed to be in his chambers back in Valhalla, he pulled out from the hug and saw Angela beside her with a smile

"Are you only gonna hug mother?" Angela quipped as she opened her arms

Loki rolled his eyes and slowly went to hug her sister, Angela smiled at the feeling of being able to finally hug his brother after centuries of not being able to, Loki, on the other hand, was still adjusting to the feeling

"It's okay if you miss me, sister." Loki teased as Angela pulled out of the hug and let her mouth drop ajar

She chuckled and playfully punched Loki in the arm "You bastard! You actually have the nerve to read my mind do you not?"

"Let's just say that I missed you too." Loki winked before walking back to their mother, Frigga smiled up at her son before running a hand down the side of his face

She was proud of him, more than he could ever think of, she knew that he was always that Loki he raised and no one would change that "You have no idea how proud I am of you my son."

It was like hearing angels singing and trumpets echoing in his ears, he was beyond happy that he finally made his mother proud

"I would have not done it without you, mother." He replied

Frigga chuckled "You could've done it without me anyhow, believe me."

His smile suddenly dropped as he remembered something, Angela then stood beside Frigga as Loki's hands dropped to her mother's, fiddling with them as he did when he was a child, he sighed before shaking head

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