Chapter 2

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"There must be some sort of mistake, I didn't apply for that job."

I heard a grunt from the other end. "Are you deaf or just plain dumb? I just said you were selected. A car will there to pick you up at 6 a.m sharp. Dress formal."

"But-" then the line went dead.

I threw the phone on the couch, as I plopped myself down on to it. I was filled with nothing but confusion. Firstly, I did not even apply for that job and secondly, working for Constuctex? As in the multi-billion-dollar company that had taken the lime light in construction worldwide? Never in my dreams would I have thought I would end up working there.

Something was off. I didn't know who the CEO was, yet he had mysteriously chosen me as the new P.A.

This is your chance to finally make a living, and the company probably pays well.

My inner voice was right, but all of this just seemed too odd. Maybe God had finally heard my prayers.

"Ugh! What am I even going to wear? I have nothing formal!" I groaned, smashing my face into a cushion.

An idea popped into my mind. My neighbor, Savannah, worked as a waitress at some fancy restaurant. She ought to have one or two items she can lend me...

Without hesitation, I dashed out of my apartment to the one opposite mine. After a few knocks, a bewildered Savannah opened the door.

"Sheesh, do you have to knock like a serial killer?" she asked, her voice laced with slight annoyance.

"Sorry Savannah, I didn't mean to knock frantically. I need your help with something."

She rolled her eyes. "Listen, Audrey-"

"It's Aubrey." I cut her. "And this is really important. I just got a job that requires formal wear which I don't  have. Could you please lend me a few items?" I gave her the best puppy dog eyes I could muster.

She sighed loudly. "Fine. I think I could help you out...but I want my stuff back, okay?" She said, opening the door wider so I could enter.

Her apartment wasn't different from mine, only that she had nicer items than me. Of course, since she had a job and I didn't...

"Take a seat whilst I go check my closet." she said, motioning to her small leather couch.

I complied, taking a seat on the sofa. The questions that were swirling in my mind immediately surfaced. But who could that CEO possibly be? I did not know anyone that important. Other than that, I had a degree in Accounting and a job as a P.A wouldn't suite that at all.

So now you are just going to complain about a job you haven't even tried out yet?

No, I wasn't complaining. All I'm saying is just that I was a tad bit over qualified for that job. I didn't got to NYU just to end up being the P.A of some insufferable snob of a boss.

That's so cliché. Not all bosses are stuck up assholes. You're just being ungrateful. And I know your mother didn't raise you like that.

"Okay, so I found three blouses, two skirts and one pair of slacks that you could probably fit." Savannah's voice boomed, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I stood up then walked over to where she was standing. The clothing almost looked new and totally work appropriate.

"This is perfect, thanks Savannah." I beamed, stretching my hands to grasp the clothing. I really appreciate this." I was about to turn and leave when she cleared her throat.

"Well," she eyed me expectantly, "aren't you going to try on the clothes, to see if they actually fit?"

I gave her a sheepish look. "You're right. Do you mind if I do it here."

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