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Chapter 1

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I had never been particularly fond of rain. Of all weather conditions, I considered it to be the worst. And of all days for it to rain, it just had to be this one.

I hurriedly walked into the nearest building I could find, to shelter myself from the unforeseen down pour. It was a cafe and thankfully it wasn't as packed as I guessed it would be under such circumstances.

Lately, my life had been such a downward spiral. I was jobless, had a couple of odd dollars to live on and to top it all off, I was recently single. At the age of twenty-nine, my life was a screaming bore.

Today I had gone job hunting. I searched high and low but found absolutely nothing. It was either the fact that I was over-qualified or the income was far too low. Sure, I was desperate, but I still had my pride.

My hair was slightly wet and my clothes were not better. All I wanted to do was just get back to my apartment, take a hot shower and watch a movie while snuggling into a warm blanket.

But I couldn't do that, you see. It was literally bucketing outside and I didn't have an umbrella. Plus, I didn't have enough money for a cab.

Before I knew it, my feet dragged me along to the short line formed in front of the cashier. Soon enough I was there, giving my order for a black coffee since it the only thing I could afford at the moment. It would also keep me warm.

But when had my life gone all wrong? I came to New York straight after high school because it had been my dream since I was a little girl. I even got accepted into NYU and graduated with honors in Accounting.

Why couldn't I get a decent job? With a decent income?

Maybe because you have no work experience whatsoever, sweetheart.

True, but that was not entirely my fault.

Don't blame him for it. You're the one who decided to marry that control freak at the age of 22!

"Here's your coffee." mumbled the guy behind the counter. He didn't seem too happy, well that makes two of us.

Having being brought out of my reverie, I quickly paid for the coffee and grabbed it. When I turned to leave, I ran straight into someone, spilling my coffee on them by mistake.

I gasped in horror. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry." I said, rubbing my hands on the obvious stain on the stranger's shirt. And shit, it looked more expensive than my apartment’s rent.

"No no, don't worry about it. Accidents happen."

I froze immediately. I knew that deep, husky voice. In fact, I'd known it for so many years and I really never thought I’d be hearing it again so soon.

Please don't let it be him. Please don't let it be him!

I looked up and my eyes met very familiar gray ones. Oh no, it was him!

"Aubrey? Is that you?" He voiced; his face donned with surprise.

I gulped. The room suddenly felt hot and uncomfortable. "H-hi, Bryce." I stuttered pathetically. Well, that was smooth.

His beautiful steel eyes gave me a once over. "I can't believe it's you. I thought you left the city. How long has it been, four years?"

"Five and a half, to be exact." I corrected. Apparently, it couldn't have been longer. The fact that I had just spilt my coffee on him dawned on me once again. "Shit, I'm sorry I spilled my coffee on you. I was just-"

"Don't worry about it." He said, shrugging. "It was an accident, plus you have always been a clumsy little thing." He chuckled lowly, earning a scowl from me. Of course, he just had to insult me.

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