Chapter 24

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Aubrey's P.O.V

Bryce and I were currently on our way to Mr. Henderson's construction sight. For some odd reason, he was acting rather strange. For once, he was very quiet and when he did speak, he was giving very curt responses. It was so out of character for him.

If I didn't know him any better, I would say he had had some sort of rude awakening. The way his knuckles whitened tremendously from grasping the steering wheel to tightly was a clear give away. He wasn't just angry, oh no, he was furious.

I pried my eyes away from the fast-moving objects outside and focused them on him. "Umm, are you okay?"

He practically stomped on the accelerated, going even faster than he already was, and that's saying something. "I'm great." he said through gritted teeth.

I didn't stop at that. "Are you sure? You've been rather silent so far. Is something the matter?" I asked once again.

He glanced at me briefly, and unreadable expression on his face. "Since when do you care whether I'm fine or not?" he spat a little too harshly.

I flinched at his words. But why was his being so impolite? "I actually don't care, but if you keep on acting like a little bitch, people are going to start thinking that you're PMSing." I fired back, looking away from him and crossing my arms over my chest.

His face reddened from the comment I had made, but I wasn't sure if it was because of outrage or mortification. A very long silence succeeded, until we reached the construction. Bryce quickly jumped out of the car and strode away, getting lost in the madness that was there. I, on the other hand, had to carefully step out of the car and hastily try to catch up to him in these God forsaken heels I was wearing. Next time we come to a construction site, I would make sure to wear flats.

He went about inspecting the building materials and machinery, completely forgetting about me. I just trailed behind, hoping not to get my shoe just in the dirt or something not falling on me. Good thing we all wore helmets.

Bryce kept on barking orders at me, telling me what to write down on the note pad I had with me. My patience with him was slowly wearing thin. I was really glad when he finally decided to call it a day, and we headed back to the car.

Half way to the office, he broke the silence. "I need you to clear my schedule for the next couple of days."

"Why?" I asked. "You have a lot to do this we-"

"Just do what I tell you to do, that's why I'm paying you right? Also inform my pilot that I'm flying out to Minnesota very early tomorrow."

I panicked at the words 'Minnesota'. "Why are you going to Minnesota?" I inquired rather to shakily.

"I need to take of a few things there. I will be going alone so you'll be handling my affairs in my absence."

In the silence that recommenced, I was pretty damn sure that Bryce could hear my heart that was beating erratically against my ribcage. All sorts of crazy thoughts rushed to my mind, giving me a sharp pain to the head. I was so overwhelmed by fear that I hadn't noticed that we were already back at the office.

When reality had set back in, I did, however, notice the black Bugatti Chiron that was parked across the street. It could have been anyone's, but the fact that the plates had the word HUNTER printed on them, it wasn't exactly hard to pin point whom it belonged to.

Logan stepped out of the car just as Bryce and I did. As usual, a look of irritation stretched across Bryce's gorgeous face. For once, I was happy to see the green-eyed demon.

He crossed the street and stood by the curb where we were standing. "Aubrey," my name rolled off his tongue so effortlessly. "Roberts," he snorted, sending him a playful glare.

Bryce ignored him. "Don't forget to do what I told you. You better do a great job whilst I'm away, I really would hate to lose money. Try not to get too distracted by your fuck buddy." he said coldly, then strode into his building, not giving either one of us a second glance.

"What was that about? I could have sworn that wanker was much angrier than usual," Logan piped, causing me to snap out of the momentary puzzlement that Bryce had incited. "Anyway, I'm here to take you out to dinner. Last time didn't go so well, so I'd like to make it up to you." he grinned wolfishly.

I nodded absentmindedly. "Just let me go and grab my stuff from upstairs." I mumbled, then entered the building.

Upon reaching the 40th floor, I wasted not time in tidying up my desk and grabbing the stuff I needed. This irresistible urge to go into Bryce's office would not leave, so I haphazardly did the two tasks. I was about to leave when he called me into his office.

He was seated by his large desk when I entered. He motioned me to take a seat and I did, putting my stuff on the floor. His eyes studied me closely, like I was a specimen under a microscope. Grey was the usual color of his orbs, but at the moment they had turned dark, almost charcoal and unquenchable fire blazed in them.

Bryce didn't speak, but he simply kept on staring at me. I tried to stare right back at him but failed miserably, his scrutiny was just too intense. It made me want to wet myself. He stood up and circled his desk to stand behind the chair I was currently sitting on then bent down to my level. When I felt his hot breath on the nape of my neck, a chill ran down my spine.

"Do you know what they say about secrets, Aubrey?" he asked lowly, and I shook my head. Goosebumps began to rise from my skin.

His hand found the hair tie that held up my hair and pulled it off, causing my mane to cascade all around my head. A second later, I felt him brushing my hair to the side, then he leaned in close to my ear and brushed his soft lips against my ear lobe. I bit my lip to suppress the moan that threatened to spill out of my treacherous mouth.

"They never stay hidden forever." He whispered, then pushed me up from the seat by the waist, spun me around abruptly and claimed my lips.

At first, I was too shocked to respond to his fervor but soon I matched his tempo. His hands were locked onto my waist possessively, whilst mine slowly snaked around his neck. The kiss was rough, raw and dare I say, punitive? But I didn't care because despite his aggression, his lips on mine felt surreal. So without much further ado, I kissed him back with all my might.

My hands found his brown locks and got lost in them. I felt myself leaving the ground as he hoisted me onto his desk, not breaking the kiss. His hands we no longer on my waist, no, one hand travelled to my face and the other one extended around me so as to crash my body into his firm chest. I didn’t know what to do with myself and the moment was becoming too much that I held onto his shoulder to steady my trembling body. It felt so good, yet so bad at the same time.

When we both needed air, we broke apart from each other both of us gasping wildly but he didn't stop there. His lips latched onto my neck and he sucked hard. This time, a choked moan came tumbling out and afterwards he retreated.

Now we just stood there, in each other arms, deeply gazing at each other and gasping wildly. I probably looked love struck, but Bryce's facial expression giving absolutely nothing away. He cursed under his breath, and released me from his grasp as though it burned him to touch me. He turned around and strode to the large window behind his desk, stroking his hair frustratedly.

"Get out of my office," he barked unceremoniously. I didn't even bother to argue and did as he said, with my belongings in tow.

I got into Logan's car and exhaled deeply. Never in my life had I felt to enraged and aroused so intensely, and at the same time.

"Step on it," I said, my voice hoarse and completely foreign to my ears.

As Logan weaved through the New York traffic, my fingers subconsciously stroked my still throbbing lips. His lips felt so good on mine, heaven knows I've been needing that for a while now.

But the big question was, why did it seem like there was more than just lust to that sinfully amazing kiss?


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