Chapter 31

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When I woke the next day, Bryce wasn't sleeping next to me like he had been a couple of hours ago. To say I was a bit bumped by this would have been an understatement. After last night's events, I really thought we were beginning to work out our issues but I was now thinking otherwise.

Did he regret what happened last night?

I didn't know what to think at the moment. I wasn't going to deny the fact that I was over the moon with happiness. Bryce completed me and he knew how to satisfy me. He knew every inch of my body and all of my sweet spots, like he had internalized all of that. I felt so inexperienced with him because he in all honesty, Bryce was indeed a sex god.

The memories of the way he moved on me immediately flooded my thoughts and damn did it give me mad goosebumps.

Suddenly, I was hot all over and I needed to take a very long cold shower. I lugged my very naked body from the bed and made an attempt to dash for the bathroom when the pain set it. That kind of pain, the one associated with intimacy. Gosh, had it been that long since the last time?

Yep, Aubs, it's been over 5 years. You shouldn't be surprised.

Wincing, I slowly maneuvered to the bathroom and steeped into the shower. About thirty minutes later I was out, and wrapped myself in a fluffy bathrobe. I then remembered that I never used my phone yesterday. That didn't matter though because it's not like my circle of friends was that big. I'm pretty sure the only contacts in my phone belonged to Bryce, Logan, Savannah and my mom.

But when I switched it on as saw a bunch of missed calls and messages, I was quite surprised. 50 call, 20 messages and 5 voicemails. Most were from Logan, and the rest from Savannah.

The doorbell rang downstairs causing me to completely ignore my phone and get the door.

"Logan?" I uttered, confusedly because he seemed pretty pissed. Over what? Well, your guess is as good as mine probably.

He didn't ask to come in but simply barged into my apartment, shoving past my robe clad body. I closed the door, only to have my back slammed harshly onto it. Logan's grasp on my arms was tight and his green orbs were ablaze with fury, making them an unnerving shade darker.

"WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?" I screeched ceremoniously, probably spitting a little in the process.

His head inched closer, making our noses touch. His hot breath tickled my face, and not in a pleasant way. Logan's breath was vile and raw. It made me want to double over and throw up.

"Where were you yesterday?" he said lowly, and dangerously. His tone was accusing.

I was beginning to feel frightened. "I-I was he-re," I stammered stupidly.

His nails dug deeper into my skin, and it hurt like a bitch. It made me whine and try to wriggle free of his hold but to no avail. This man meant business and he wasn't going to let go no matter what I did.

An ugly frown disgraced his handsome face. "Don't lie to me, love. I know you were with that wanker and your bloody bastard son, playing house. How dare you go off, fraternizing with the enemy whilst I was busting my arse, looking for a lawyer for you," he all but spat at me venomously.

Wait, did he just call my son a bastard?

Something in me snapped. Nobody was ever, and will never, be allowed to insult my son. Who did this douchebag think he was?

I brought my arms to his chest and pushed him hard away from me.

"My son is not a bastard. As far as I'm concerned, the only bastard here is you, you fucking spoiled daddy's boy. You have no right to go around spying on me because what I do is none of your damned business, go it?" I shot back, with equal poison.

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